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Friday, September 20, 2019

Weight Loss Journey Came to A Halt

It's been a while since I've updated on my weight loss journey. That's because I backslid and went back to my old ways. After losing eight pounds, I ended up gaining 10 pounds back. Now, I must
mention that I've never struggled with my weight until now. Therefore, I have an appointment with my doctor where I will discuss doing a hormonal panel and a thyroid panel to be sure they're not giving me issues. Then I will also be discussing the option of visiting with a nutritionist to ensure what I'm doing is healthy. 

Until then, I'm back to my healthy ways of eating. So if you have some tasty recipes I can try, please share them. I'm super picky about my foods so it's a struggle to find some healthy options I actually enjoy. 

I've planned out my weekly diet menu to make grocery shopping easier on both my husband and me. This includes snacks, but this seems to get boring rather quickly. 

I've also tried multiple apps from my phone to help me keep track of my journey, but each one of them had something I didn't like. From not counting carbs in addition to calories or you had to go premium by paying an outrageous price for a month or year. Therefore, I'm doing it old school and using a small journal to track my food and a planner to track my workouts. These will also go with me to the doctors so she can see what I've been up to between each appointment.

Now the not so pretty info...

My current weight is 180 lbs, which I cringe at. I hate this number more than anything because for my height (5ft 1in), I'm super overweight. My goal is to reach 130 pounds but I'm doing this in sprints. So... my first goal is to reach 170 lbs. Once I achieve this, I'll go to the next goal. Then continue until I reach the 130 lbs mark. I think doing it this way will help and not add so much pressure to me. 

I really don't have a set date as to when I want to reach the overall goal, but I would like to lose at least 10 pounds within the next few months. I'll be walking, doing workout videos in my living room, and when my Mom recovers from her surgery, we will be hitting the gym. 

But for now, this is where I'll start. 

Anyone have some encouragement or stories they'd like to share?

Thursday, June 20, 2019

My Diet

So in the last post, I explained the reasons why on losing weight. Now, I'd like to clue you in on HOW I've managed to lose 8 pounds (not a lot, I know) since starting this journey. When I first started, I was basically clueless about where to start since I've never wanted to actually lose weight. So, I did a lot of research and learned so much about myself. 

First, did you know there are different body types out there? 

Yeah, there is. Like three different ones. Well, come to find out...I'm considered an endomorph. This means I tend to gain weight and have a rough time losing it. I am a pear shape with a thick ribcage, wide hips, and shorter limbs. After reading this, I wondered how exactly that played into me losing weight. Well, this means my metabolism is much slower than the other two body types. 

What about the diet though? Let me explain...

In order to lose weight, I needed to adjust my macronutrients. Macronutrients are the three central groups of foods that provide your body with the strength it needs to operate: protein, carbohydrates, and fats. After figuring it macro looks like this:

1586 Calories
Carbs: 122g   30%
Protein: 175g    44%
Fat: 44g     25%

You can check all of this out by taking this test--> Click here.

Once I had that figured out... I went on to search for the best type of diet for me based on the foods I love. Let me remind you.. by this point I've stopped drinking soda, eating a bunch of sugary foods, and upped my intake of water. One thing I didn't learn until it was too late was that I shouldn't have abruptly changed the intake of carbs. I should have gradually reduced them for the best outcome for my body. (I'll explain more about this in a bit.)

So a typical day looks like this for me.....

I wake up and drink 8 oz of water to kickstart my metabolism and I eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up. Once I sit with my breakfast, I have my cup of coffee. I eat either an omelet for breakfast or I have an Atkins shake with a yogurt.

My mid-morning snack is either carrots dipped in ranch dressing, celery and peanut butter, or a banana and an apple. Depends on what I'm in the mood for.

Lunchtime I have either pepperoni, ham, turkey, and cheese (without bread) or tuna on wheat crackers. (This part of the day I struggle with.)

Afternoon snack... I choose one item that I didn't have yet that day from the snack list above.

Dinner... I eat a Healthy Choice meal or what is on the menu for dinner that's rather healthy. (Chicken, pork chops, hamburger, etc)

Night snack rolls around and I try to keep this one light. So, I will eat ONE banana or a very small serving of milk. OR I'll eat a 4 oz sherbert/ice cream. (Halo Top ice cream. Check it out. It's tasty.)

But there ya have it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. In the next post, I'll be talking about my workout routine.

Monday, June 17, 2019

I'm Back.... AGAIN!!!

Man oh, man... it's been FOREVER since I've written anything on here. Now that's about to change. I'm taking on a new adventure, which has been going for about a month now. So come with me as I document this new journey of WEIGHTLOSS. This is where I'll keep a diary of everything I do and see what works vs. what doesn't. Hopefully, someone will find this blog and journey helpful for themselves.

First and foremost, I've decided it was time because I've been doing regular visits to my doctor for various health concerns (not regarding my weight). During this time, I've watched the numbers on the scale going up ... at just about each visit, which was depressing. This is why I've decided to do it. The last time I went to the doctor... I weighed 177lbs, which is my highest weight EVER!! I know some of you may not think it's that bad, but to me it is. Let me put it into perspective. My pre-pregnancy weight looked like this:

This is me after three babies and... well... many many donuts:

I'm the one in PINK!!!

But to me... there's a noticeable difference. 

So now you have the reasons leading up to the decision. (Among others which I'd rather not share.) I'm doing this for me. I want to be healthier and have more energy. 


So on April 22nd, I gave all the soda I had left to my husband and daughter. Then gave the snack cakes to my son and haven't touched them since. I stopped eating my nightly bowl of Lucky Charms and traded them in for a more bland cereal: Cheerios.  I had my husband and brother carry my elliptical upstairs from the basement and placed it in my dining room. I was determined. 

However, I had no idea where to start when it came to healthy foods and the best "diet" for my body. I should also tell you that I haven't been the best eater. Meaning... I never eat breakfast. A typical day went with me waiting until around 2 in the afternoon to eat. At that point, I'd have something quick since the kids were either coming home from school or I'd have my hands full with housework. Dinner would come around 6ish and then a very late snack when the kids went to bed. I'd drink coffee in the morning and continually drink Cherry Pepsi during the day. Water wasn't ever part of my diet...until now. I found me several large cups, dumped in a bottle of water with ice, and added flavoring. The flavoring was just to add taste. No carbs. No calories. No sugars. 

Coffee still remains my wake up drink, but I use less sugar. I'm still working on the water part, which I'll admit needs some work. But I'm drinking more water now than I ever have in my life. I fill up my 30 oz cup and sip on it throughout the day. In reality, I should be refilling his cup twice each day. But... as a good friend told me... baby steps.

As for my diet, I started doing research as to what I should do. I figured that the best way to lose this weight was to educate myself first. With all the upcoming hard work, I never want the weight back so I needed to know the best way to shed the pounds. I took weeks researching and taking notes. Then, I finally settled on a new way of eating, which will be explained in the next post.

My Diet 

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Eviction for literally... NOTHING

So now that all is said and done... I'll be telling all of what happened. However, I'm not writing this to put down those who had put my family in this position, I'm writing my testimony and how God worked in my life.

Here we go...

I lived in a small two bedroom apartment above my landlord's garage for about two years. Things kicked off awesome and I thought I found two new friends. Over time, one of the two changed. She became cocky and uncaring. Her children were allowed to openly disrespect me, my husband, and my kids. After much thought, my husband and I decided it was time to move, but we wanted a place where we could call home and NEVER have to worry about moving. We wanted to buy our first home. This sadly did not happen. 

After an argument one night in the kitchen with the landlord over the disrespect from her daughter's, we received a typed letter (not notarized or signed by a judge) that told us we had 30 days to move. Anxiety kicked in because this wasn't how I wanted things to end. I even went to the extent of sending apology texts to both landlords and begged for them to give us another chance. That did not work. They were sticking to the eviction. 

House hunting started immediately. That's where I felt I lived in my own prison. I was afraid to live, breathe, or even be in that apartment. Mutual respect went out the window and bitterness set in. I lived in my own wallow of pity. I constantly cried as I pack, yet another box. By this point, packing up had become my specialty since I've moved so many times in my life. I seriously wanted this place to be the last in which we rented. My attitude suffered. My emotions had the best of me and it affected my appetite. I ended up losing ten pounds during this hard time. The once always opened blinds during the day, now remained closed. I didn't want to look at the people who so heartlessly kicked my children out over an argument. No, I wasn't late on the rent. The place wasn't trashed and my bills were paid. There wasn't a legal reason for the eviction.

Apartment after house. We looked, called, and inquired. However, it was super hard to find a place close enough to my daughter's homeschool group since they are highly sought areas. Weeks were ticking by and boxes filled the place I once called home. My (at the time) three-year-old son didn't understand what was going on, which made things rough because he's unique. He has a sensory disorder and doesn't do well with quick changes. My daughter stressed that she'd have to leave the only school she fell in love with. However, I was determined to not allow that to happen. 

As I was sitting in my recliner, it dawned on me... perhaps God was needing me to do something to open the next door for us and welcome us to our next blessing. So, I got a hold of my attitude, forgave those who hurt us, and prayed. Boy... did I pray. Every second of every day. I came to call this place of my life... the "in between" stage. You know... it's that time in life where things that once was became things of the past, but the things of the future haven't quite made it to the present yet. In this stage, I prayed and held on to my faith. I knew God had something great in store for us. I just had to be still and allow Him to work.

Then one evening, my son's ex-therapist notified me of a potential home that was available. We immediately called the landlord and set up a time to see the place. This place was perfect. Set close to my daughter's school. Not in a crowded town. Off road parking with a carport. Fenced in... side yard that is safe for my son to run and play. I loved the outer appearance. 

We stepped onto the nice sized porch and into the home. Directly into the very spacious living room. It seriously was the size of two of the living room that I had in the apartment. Lamanite hardwood floors. Beautiful large windows. Perfect. Then we saw the spacious bedrooms, which were much bigger and I could even put my queen bed in the middle of the wall and still have room to walk around. In my old apartment, our bed could only be against one wall and there was a window directly above our bed, which I don't like. We walked down the hallway that went to the other side of the house when I noticed BUILT IN bookshelves!! They are gorgeous. I took this as a sign from God because He knows my passion for writing and my love of books. We stepped into the kitchen area which took my breath. It was so much bigger and I was humbled to think that we could live here. 

Once we did some talking afterward, we headed back to the old place with our hope restored. I excitedly packed boxes. There was a process we had to go through before the landlord could give us an answer, but I continued to pray.  

The application came. We filled it out and emailed it back. The landlord told us that she'd have to check my references and she'd let us know. I didn't have a worry about this because I knew God had my back and He was going to take care of us. 

Almost a week passed before we found out that we got the house!!! 

I happily carried out my boxes to the moving truck a few weeks later. Gave the apartment a good cleaning and I handed over the keys to the old landlord. The landlord checked the apartment and told us we'd have our deposit the following week. Climbing into our beat down CRV, I was elated! I could finally get away from that prison and LIVE!! So many people volunteered that day to help us move and they did so... carefully. You see, in the past, I've had so many things damaged from moving, but this one... I only lost a glass and for that I am grateful.

Now, I was unpacking with my mother's help and setting up. My daughter's sleeping issues disappeared and she enjoyed having her room again. (I'll explain this later.) My son had so much room to run, and that's exactly what he did. By late evening, everyone had left and we were officially home. Hubby had already set up all utilities and the internet so I could immediately get back to writing. As he worked on putting beds together, the kids and I helped get the cat comfortable. However, as soon as we opened his carrier, he was home and he knew it. 

Life settled in and things were coming along. We received a letter in the mail and thought it had been our deposit from the old apartment. It was and no it wasn't. You see... the landlord decided that it was her right to keep part of it because the VA helped us and paid the deposit when we first moved in. However, it was clearly stated that it was to be returned to us. Next, she explained that since our rent was due on the 1st (per our lease) that the 15 days in April were unpaid for. However, I had a receipt that proved the rent was paid and it was dated the 15th, which was when we verbally agreed on.  Then, to make matter's worse, I noticed that we were going to need to take her to court in order for this wrong to be corrected.

We gathered all paperwork and proof. 1. All paid bills. 2. Rent receipt. 3. Eviction notice. 

While we waited for the court date to approach, the Lord had a few more blessings in mind. We were planning our very first trip to the beach, which had been in the works since before we were evicted and A NEW CAR!!! My husband and I desperately needed a new vehicle, as ours was always breaking down. One evening, the horn on the CRV decided to go off on its own and that was the breaking point. God made it possible for my husband to bring home and pay for a newer Honda Civic. 

See in the midst of our storm, I wanted to give up but didn't. I threw all that had me worried and ready to break to Jesus and allowed Him to carry the burden. He worked it out for the best of my family and I totally give Him all the credit for everything we have now. I am grateful and very appreciative for everything and I couldn't thank Him enough.


If you are going through a trying time, please do not give up. Hold on. Pray and ask God for help. Then give it to him. We can't ask him to help if we're still standing in the way with worry and anxiety. Give it fully to him and if you feel worried again, pray. NEVER STOP PRAYING!!! Prayer works. God hears you and He loves you!!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

It's been over a year..... WHAT?!?!?

I can't believe that it's been over a year since I've written anything on this blog. I do apologize to each one who follows this blog and looks for inspiration. My life got rather crazy this year. Therefore, I'll be doing what I can to catch you up to date.

First and foremost, everything is going great! I couldn't be happier. God has blessed me and my family so much within the 2018 year and it's truly amazing. I know the last time I was sporadically writing, I was in such a dark place. But... man, oh man... let me tell you... Jesus has been working in my life!!!

In May of 2017, my grandfather, whom I loved so so much and adored, passed away. As well as my high school sweetheart in 2018. So that added to the heartache that May already brings.

In March 0f 2018, I was evicted from my home (long story here) and I had to move by April 14th. This brought so much stress to my life, but it was also a test in my faith. When all seemed to be falling through and it looked like we were going to be homeless, the Lord stepped in and blessed us with a bigger/beautiful home. I love it here. It's so spacious. We have our own yard and the landlord is great!!

My daughter was diagnosed with anxiety and started medication. She was doing therapy but that abruptly ended when her doctor left the practice. (I'll continue to blog about this later on.)

My husband has been freaking incredible and has made so much positive change. (This too will be in blog posts and a book very soon.)

I had a few health hiccups but I believe I'm back on track and healing. Thanks to the Lord!! (I'll also explain this in a later blog too.)

So, now we are happily living in our new home in a completely different town and I can't thank God enough for all that he's done in my life. Now, in future blog posts.... I'll be explaining why. So, until next time....God bless and I hope to see you again soon.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Struggling To Fit In

Sunday morning had arrived.

I pulled myself out of bed after a restless night while stumbling to the coffee pot. 
As my fresh cup of delight brewed, I started the wake-up process for my family so we could start getting ready for church. I waited for the kids to shuffle out of bed so I could get them their breakfast while I enjoyed my coffee. 

Nothing felt better than a fresh cup of coffee mixed with the morning sun. 

Kids fed, dressed, and ready to go...
we headed off for the morning service.

Excitement filled me as I awaited to see what the Lord had
in store for this service. He never failed to point out the things that I needed
to work on or to discretely answer my prayers.

My hubby parked the car and we headed inside. 
We were greeted by those holding the door as we passed inside.

I sat my toddler son down and wrestled to take off his coat while I kept his close by my side.
I didn't want him off breaking something or falling down the stairs which led to the basement.
Once we had the coats on the rack, we took our seats and readied ourselves for the service.

My mom, step-brother, and step-dad come in shortly behind us and take their seats next to us. 

Excitement fills the room as my sisters enter and people shuffle toward them. Their joyfulness of my sister's arrival has several turning their heads to see what was going on. See my sisters live an hour away and visit our mom when they can. 

While I sit watching in silenced, they walk to the pew and one sits on either side of me. Still... I'm silent. My husband managed to disappear in the crowd once again. Panic arises when my eyes scan the crowd and I don't see him. 

A voice pulls my attention to the pew in front of us. Another person... excited to see my sisters. She directs her welcome and brief conversation of how she and my sisters need to meet up sometime. Then, skipping me... she talks to my younger sister.

That's how the lack of a cheerful welcome makes me feel.
I try to push these feelings aside because I know that even though I'm 
invisible to them... 
I'm not invisible to God!

For a long time, I have always been the one on the sideline....

The last to be chosen.

The one who didn't have many I could call friends.

As I stand on the outside, I want to make myself noticed. I want others to see me. Yet, 
the anxious part of me wants to run. The little voice of anxiety tells me that if people wanted to talk to me... they would... without me forcing it.

I feel anxious when many people are around or a few take notice and make small talk.
Most of these small conversations are artificial. I really don't think they want to REALLY know how I am doing. Because if I answered that honestly, I'd tell them I was a mess.

Then, I remind myself...
it's not the acceptance of the world I should seek.
But that of the Lord.

He is who matters.
He is who loves me.
He is the one who will always be there!!! 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Anxiety Isn't Forever

Sweaty palms....
Racing Heart....
Stomach pains....
Hard to Breathe....

These are all some of the symptoms I feel when my anxiety is present, which happens
to be more than I care to acknowledge. 

I suffer from anxiety 
Full blown.

At any given moment, it surfaces and 
most times there's no reason.

I constantly feel as if I have a weight sitting on my chest...
My hands... I'm not quite sure what to do with them
I just have to move because of the overwhelming feeling, as if it might help.

I often find it worse when I'm riding, yes riding because I don't drive.. in the car.
Down the interstate.
I check my phone.
Put on Chapstick.
Play with my phone more.
Change the radio station, especially if the music is making it worse.

Most of the time, I have to remind myself...
Anxiety isn't forever.
It may be the one thing that follows me through my life
but one day... I'll be free.

Jesus promised me this.
I know that when I die and go home...
I'll be free.

Until then... 
I'll fight with every ounce of
strength I have. 

It's not over 
not now
not today
not in this lifetime.

one day