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Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Waiting Game

 As everyone who's been following along with my story knows, I'm in the process of preparing for a full mouth extraction.

This past Wednesday I met with the dental surgeon who may be doing the surgery providing the insurance approves it from that aspect. They told me that the procedure would be about two hours long and I'd be put "to sleep". This sounds good so I don't have to go through the entire two hours watching what they are doing.

At this point in time, I have no idea when they are going to do it. I guess the way it works is... my home dentist got the approval for the dentures. I misunderstood them thinking this was for everything. The insurance company has to also approve the "plan" and agree to pay for what the surgeon has planned. They said that it will be a rough road to recovery but once it's done... I will be agreeing that this was the best thing I ever did.

In all bluntness, I'm scared shitless. I'm so nervous. I have a five year old and my fiance works. He can put her off to school but I'm the one who normally gets her off the bus. So, at this point I have no idea how we are going to work this. Over the coarse of five years, I've heard friends and family tell me that I need to get my teeth taken care of and they would be there to help.

Wednesday was a challenge to all of them... I guess you could say a test in which several failed. People told me they had things to do around the time my daughter got off the bus and therefore couldn't get her. (If I wasn't back in time). I had two offers to help from those I least expected. So, I want to thank that person for coming to help when I needed you. I appreciate it.

So, I'm asking anyone out there that's been through this to share tips for afterward on the healing process and how I can make myself the most comfortable. What types of things should I avoid? Is it very painful? Help me ease my mind so nothing comes as a surprise.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Yikes! I do not have any experience with this. I'm keeping you in my prayers. Thanks for stopping in and linking up in my Comment Love Friday! I'm off to look around your blog!

  2. If it's anything like getting your wisdom teeth taken out, to help with the pain and swelling try the following:
    Take two tube socks and sew the toes together. Fill the socks with ice packs or ice and use the tops to tie the ice pack on top of your head. It looks ridiculous but it was so essential for me when I had my wisdom teeth out. This keeps the ice packs right next to your mouth on both sides and it works really well.

    Good luck with all of the preparation and healing afterwards! I am stopping by with some comment love from Susie QT Pie's hop.

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