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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Fav YouTube Video's

This video- Sneezing Baby Panda- My daughter and I can watch over and over again. No matter how many times we do... we still end up laughing.

I hope you enjoy the video's as much as I do.

Do you have a fav video you'd like to share? Leave the link in the comments so I can check them out. :)

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Monday, August 29, 2011

My New Button

Well, I finally figured it out. Here's the finished product.... I'd love it if you added it to your blog. :)

Why am I brown??

To some, the title may seem odd. But I have very good intentions while writing this blog. I am by no means or extent racist. I am teaching my daughter that no matter what one looks like, we always no matter what, treat others the way we want to be treated. At this moment, I am just disappointed and without words.

My niece is in the second grade. She's adopted by my Aunt. The other day when she went to school, she came home in tears. She asked my Aunt why she was brown? Of course this isn't a question we though we'd have to answer at such a young age. My Aunt asked her why would she ask that? Her response was, "Because this girl at school said she wasn't allowed to play with me because I'm brown."

This just totally upsets me. Every one is created equally. Though we may have different qualities between us, we are the same. This world would be rather boring if we were all the same. If this was your child, would you be upset? Of course you would. So, my question to all that want to answer is, what would you do in this situation to make your child feel better about being different?

It's so sad to see my niece going through this at such a young age. I know there will always be racist people around. But to push those thoughts onto their children, I believe is wrong. Let them make their own thoughts and conclusions. Just like I tell my daughter, Jesus loves us no matter what. He doesn't care about how your hair is done, what kind of clothes you wear, what color eyes you have, or the color of your skin. So, when you look at someone else, don't judge them because of the way they look. Get to know them. See who they really are.

Thanks for reading my rant. Have a nice day.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Photo Editing

One of my hobbies in my free time (besides writing) is photo editing. I'm looking for some great photo's to work with. If you have ones of your own that you'd like fixed up for free. Let me know through email. In the subject line, let me know you're from my blog and add your files to the email. Here's some of my work...

If you like what you see, email is raebethmcgee@hotmail

Sleep.... Really?

Normally, I consider myself one of those lucky Mom's who has an easy going schedule. I'm a stay at home mom and I'm a writer. I've written three novels (currently unpublished). But this past week every thing I was used to was thrown out the window. As I've mentioned in an earlier post, my younger sister gave birth to her first baby.

Before Kurtis decided to grace us with his arrival, my sister decided to move. She was in the middle of packing with the help of our older sister. Our older sister decided to spend what time she could at my little sister's to ensure everything was packed and moved before the new bundle of joy came. On Monday, I went to spend the week at my sister's to take her place in moving while she was in the hospital. My older sister has two kids of her own. Therefore, I decided I would watch my nieces for her while she was at work.

I'm used to one child. Not three. Tuesday was a wake up call. I got little sleep on Monday night due to the kids and the packing. The two older girls (mine and my oldest niece) put me through the ringer. They fought over everything. Hitting and name calling was next. I was yelling like crazy trying to get them to get along. I even tried making it seem like it'd be fun. Both looked at me like I was nuts.

The entire time, my youngest niece of 9 months seemed to be the easiest. She wanted held a few times in the day but mainly she wanted to play with her toys. Every nap she tried to take was ended because of the older girls. The entire week went like this.

Thursday night I came home with no kids. My sister took hers home and my mom decided to take mine. My daughter starts school on Monday. Therefore, my mom decided that this would be perfect for her to spend the last weekend with my daughter. (My daughter, Emma and my mom are rather close)

At 3AM on Friday morning, my younger sister calls me crying. She needed help while she was in the hospital. The baby was in a special bed with lights for jaundice and she couldn't hold him. He's definitely a cuddle baby so all he did was cry. I got sick from the lack of sleep but Friday night I went to the hospital to help her. I hardly slept Friday into Saturday.

Here it is Sunday afternoon and I'm still trying to catch up on my sleep. I go up to my bed and try to lay down to take a nap before my daughter comes home.... and this is what I had to fight with...... my cat lying on my pillow and not sharing. Every time I moved him to the bottom of the bed... he came back... So I gave up.

Maybe I can try again tonight....

Friday, August 26, 2011

Too Much to Do- Not Enough Time

As my summer is coming to a end- I'm over whelmed with things I need to get done. I haven't been blogging as much as I normally do because of my busy schedule. As everyone knows, my sister gave birth to a beautiful little boy on Monday Aug. 22. He's still in the hospital. A few complications and precautionary things are keeping him there. Please add little Kurtis to your prayers as well as his momma, Audra. Both are having a hard time adjusting from the labor and delivery.

Please bare with me during this busy time. Monday my schedule should resume as it was and I will be back to blog a lot more.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Friday!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Props to Momma's

I must say, I never gave it thought when it came to mothering more than one child. I have one daughter. This week while my younger sister stays in the hospital after giving birth, I'm helping my older sister by watching her two girls. I'm not used to taking care of three kids. The older two are only a year a part and the youngest is still in diapers. Let me say, I give all Mom's props out there that have two or more children.

Yesterday was day one. By the end of the day, I was literally pushing the kids to fall asleep. The fighting, screaming, running around, and crying was making me want to pull my hair out. I was definitely not ready for this. Today, I approached this with a different attitude. So far we are doing well. The girls are quietly watching TV while the baby plays in the play pen.

So, in conclusion: PROPS GOES TO THE MOMMA'S OUT THERE WHO HAVE TWO OR MORE KIDS. It's tough and I can say I will definitely look at the situation differently.

Monday, August 22, 2011

My FIRST Nephew is HERE!!!!

After waiting all day yesterday and into the early morning hours, my nephew is finally here. My sister did an awesome job. He was born at 4:15am. 7lbs 10oz

He's perfect. Everyone meet my nephew, Kurtis.

Isn't he beautiful? Congrats to my sister, Audra and her boyfriend Devan. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Creating Buttons

I'm rather new (somewhat) to the blogging world. I've noticed on some of my favorite blogs.... each one of them have their own button that links their blog when posted on another blog.... My question is... how do you make one? Where do you get the code so others can post your button on their blog? Thanks for reading and in advance thank you for the help.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ways to Help Support a Loved One With Depression

This is from experience as well as some research I've done over the past few weeks. As all my readers know, I personally suffer from Depression. It's been a very emotional road for me. I'm FINALLY in therapy and trying out different medications. But, that's not all that will help me get through this. The support of family and friends will only help the recovery (if possible) come faster or at least help get it under control faster.

1. Educate Yourself

How can one help when they're not sure what the person is going through? Find out facts. Know what isn't a fact. Learn the warning signs of suicide. By doing this, you may one day save that person's life.

2. Listen & Support

The best way for a person to over come or even ease depression is to have someone to talk to. Some one to confide in. When a person doesn't have that person/group, they can feel very alone in the world. Like they have no one to turn to. Don't wait on them to come to you. Make sure they know from you, that you're always there no matter what and if they ever need someone to talk to... you will listen. The best advice you can give.... NONE. Well, unless you're going through the same thing. You can always help the person find ways to see the better of their situation.

3. Continue the support no matter what!!!!

Don't be offended easily. If you're close to the loved one that is suffering, you may feel hurt because the person seems angry, emotional, and uncaring. Just remember, you're loved one cares... they just have a hard way to show it. Therefore, no matter what.... show you're support.

I write this with experience. These are all things I wish would happen for me or at least start showing somewhere for me. Remember, those with depression... aren't overly emotional by choice. They can't help the way they feel. The chemical imbalance within their brain takes control and the actions may not be realized until later on. Just remember: TRY to UNDERSTAND and SUPPORT them in every way you can. By doing this, you just may be saving their life, every day you show the understanding and support.

Monday, August 8, 2011

My Edits with Photos

Here are some random photos of family and friends.... What do you think?

I'm always up for editing photo's.... if you like what you see... let me know and I can edit some photo's for you. Comment me for more details.

Family Photos

So, I have all of our family photo's finished and I would love to share them with everyone. Comments are appreciated. I'd love to hear what you think.

Photos taken by: The Better Pic Photography

Edited by: RaeBeth McGee (Myself)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Poem to My Daughter

I found this poem online and I want to dedicate it to my daughter, Emma.

As I Watch You Grow

© Kay Theese
Do you know how much you mean to me?
As you grow into what you will be.
You came from within, from just beneath my heart
it's there you'll always be though your own life will now start.
You're growing so fast it sends me awhirl,
With misty eyes I ask, Where's my little girl?
I know sometimes to you I seem harsh and so unfair,
But one day you will see, I taught you well because I care.
The next few years will so quickly fly,
With laughter and joy, mixed with a few tears to cry.
As you begin your growth to womanhood, this fact you must know,
You'll always be my source of pride, no matter where you go.
You must stand up tall and proud, within you feel no fear,
For all you dreams and goals, sit before you very near.
With god's love in your heart and the world by its tail,
You'll always be my winner, and victory will prevail.
For you this poem was written, with help from above,
To tell you in a rhythm of your Mother's heartfelt Love!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Living With Depression and Anxiety (CONT)

As I previously posted, I suffer from Depression and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I've seen some people comment on different websites that these disorders, are in fact not disorders at all. It's quite hard to understand what one is going though when they have been diagnosed with the disorders. My fiance and I were talking one afternoon following a therapy session. He really didn't understand what exactly I was going through. He even said that he sometimes thought that I was just being stubborn. As an example, when he was going to the store.... I always have a hard time bringing myself to go with him. He always thought that it was me being lazy and not wanting to leave the house. This wasn't the matter at all. When I step outside of my house, my heart rate quickens, I get "butterflies" in my belly, it feels hard to breath, and my palms began to sweat. This, by far, is NOT normal. No one should be afraid to walk outside of their home.

I do believe the result of this has been many different situations I've been in and what they have emotionally done to me. At the age of 18, I became pregnant. My fiance found a great paying job that allowed me to be a SAHM (stay at home mom). Of course, at first, I'd put my precious bundle of joy into her stroller and show her off to my neighbors. But then, it came time for use to move out of the town I pretty much grew up in. I didn't have a car nor did I have a license. The next place we moved too was in an area not suitable for a child to play outside. There wasn't a yard. And across the road was a mine. Once again, not suitable. Therefore, my daughter and I found other things within our tiny apartment to do.

Over time, we (my daughter and I) would get out of the house on pay day or when we decided to go stay over at family's houses. As time passed, we went outside less and less. Just a few weeks ago, I had an emotional break down. I didn't have any control over my emotions. I even recall saying if I had a gun...... and I'm sure you can figure out the rest.....

The following night, my fiance told me I needed to contact my Dr again. I needed my medication back regardless of the cost. Up to this point, I truly believe he was in with the crowd that think these disorders are just made up. When in fact, he witnessed it first hand. (As well as everyone else who was there the day I had the break down).

So, I ask all of you that doubt, to take a second and just try to understand that not all people can deal with the hard parts of life. As I once read: Depression isn't a sign of weakness. It's a sign that you've tired to be strong for just too long. I totally believe this saying.

Blogging World

I'm not sure how everyone feels about this but.... I'm the type of blogger that loves reading blogs that deal with other bloggers lives. I love hearing stories about family, motherhood, children, pets, vacations, etc.  One thing that I've noticed is a huge mass of blogs just for reviews, free stuff, stuff on sale, contests, etc.... which I'm really not a fan of.

So, if anyone has any great blogs they follow that pertain to my interests, please direct me to them. Most blog hops that I've found are full of the type of blogs I'm really not interested in.

Those who follow me.... on my blogs and on twitter.... I follow back and comment often. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Camping Trip 2011

This past weekend, my fiance and I took a weekend trip with the family. We went camping. It was a blast. I just love watching all of our children playing together. It reminds me of when we all were little.

We all look forward to this every year. My Dad and step-mom get the same cabin every year. Normally, us girls (the sisters) would join them on a day and hang out. This year was my first year staying.

It was so nice. I wish I didn't have to leave. The daily stresses of life seem to disappear when we're there. The only thing I focus on is my daughter and her cousins. Watching them make memories that's going to last them a life time.

Even though each one (besides the baby) asked repeatedly to go to the park or down to the beach when all the adults were tired... I had a blast. It was the high light of my summer. Sitting here today, I really want to go back. I dont want to face the reality of life. Watching these girls swim, run, and play are my safe haven. I thank the Lord everyday for blessing me with such a wonderful family. I <3 them all.