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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Exciting and Stressful.... Who would have thought it??

I mentioned a while ago that my fiance and I set a date for our wedding. This I must confess has consumed a great bit of my time along with my blog for readers and writers. So, I found a few minutes to jump on here and share the plans so far with my awesome readers. At first, I had no clue how I wanted to do my wedding. I just picked two colors I though would be great with no great meaning to them. I began planning based on these colors. After about two months, I came to realize that I wanted a unique wedding. One that will stand out and be remembered because of the colors, theme, and small tid bits within.

So, my fiance and I began talking. We aren't your normal couple. We are know to always do things backwards or up side down if possible. So, why not do this with the wedding as well. So, we decided to add a theme and spice up the colors a bit. The first colors of choice was baby blue and baby pink... but this isn't us at all. Now the final colors are our favorite. Hot pink and black. I'm sure you can guess which color I like and which one he likes.

Then we decided that the frilly and pretty aspect that reminds you of a princess .... wasn't me either. So, our new theme is..... Punk!!! The idea's that my wedding party has thrown around brought about some awesome idea's. I'd like to share with you my plans from this point out with the wedding and then after we get back from our honeymoon, I'd love the chance to share my pictures with you.

How many of you would like to follow along with the details and share your thoughts??


  1. That sounds like an awesome and unique theme!! Can't wait to hear updates and see pics:D

  2. Punk will be a good theme. Waiting to see more about your wedding.

  3. Frankly, I like ht pink and black quite a lot. I used to be a bridal consultant (long, long ago). I wish I would have had a client as bold as you. I would have put the bridesmaids in hot pink dresses with black trim, and the groomsmen in black tuxes with hot pink boutonnières. I might even have tried for hot pink ties although I would probably have gotten shot down by the men in the wedding party.

    Are you going with the traditional white dress or are you going black? That would be VERY daring.

    We definitely want to be kept up-to-date on how this is shaping up. Best of luck!

    Warmest aloha,
    Kay in Hawaii

    1. I am planning on the traditional white dress but adding in the pink and black where I can. I'll get the wedding colors in my hair, with my make up, and a few other places that I don't wanna say because my fiance reads the blog. LOL Can't give away too much.

  4. I am soooooooo excited!!!! Btw... that cake is so awesome! Is that what u want?

    1. This is sort of our cake. Not as many layers though and a different topper.

  5. I'm very excited about it. My hair is going to be spiked, dyed black and I'll have hot pink tips on my hair.


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