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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's Confirmed- I'm Pregnant

First Doctor's Appointment

Man, talk about an emotional roller coaster.  The past few weeks have been crazy for me. I have literally laid in bed for almost two weeks straight. I'm constantly tired and it seems everything makes me feel sick.

All of last week I was in bed due to a cold. It was not fun. 

I started to pick up over the weekend and leading up to the doctor's appointment. I was scheduled at 1 PM.

We had to take our oldest daughter with us due to school being canceled for the extremely cold weather.  I wasn't too excited about this. If you've been to a confirmation appointment, you know the routine. One things included within this visit is blood work and a pap test. Obviously I wasn't going to allow my seven year old in the room with me, so she and Hubby waited in the waiting room. 

After I was called back, my emotions took their toll. My weight was good and same with my blood pressure. Then, the urine pregnancy test confirmed my pregnancy. I'm 7 weeks along. My heart pounded this entire time because I wasn't sure what to expect being officially considered high risk.

After the doctor examined me, she smiled and said, "Let's go into the next room and take a look at the heartbeat. Shall we?" 

My heart went crazy. I needed to see the heartbeat. I internally wanted to ask for one but thought it was way too soon. So, I didn't. As I wrapped my sheet around me and made my way into the ultrasound room, my heart saddened for a moment because my Husband wasn't there to see our rainbow baby for the first time.

The doctor set me up and showed me my little baby on the screen. The heart was beating nicely and matched our estimation with how far along I am. (Of course, I kept very good track of my cycle, along with everything else. I know the exact moment when I conceived.) After about an hour and a half, the doctor asked me to head off to the lab for blood work. Now this was the part I hated. I HATE needles with a passion. 

I pushed my way down to the lab, signed in, and waited for my name to be called. While I waited, I filled hubby in on what happened with the doctor. He was upset a bit that he didn't get to see our little sweet pea, but he was thankful to hear that all looks good. About 15 minutes into our wait, my name was called.

I'm the type of person who passes out when I have blood drawn. I hate it and can't help it. I notified the woman who was about to have me sit in a chair that it wasn't such a great idea if I stayed sitting up. I need to recline when having the blood taken. Without a problem, we went into the overly stuffed chair and reclined. This is where the sucky part came. 

I found my focus point within the room and concentrated on breathing so I wouldn't pass out. When the tunnel vision started, I looked at what she was doing. It seemed as if it was taking FOREVER!!! I saw a tiny bit of blood in the vial and asked what was wrong. She couldn't get the blood to flow like she needed it to. So she stuck me AGAIN!!! OUCH. 

Once again, the blood wouldn't come. By this time, I am ready to slide off the chair and visit the dark fuzzy world we all see when we go to pass out. I asked her for a drink. She finally decided to give up and ask for help. Another woman came in and popped in the needle. The blood came out and filled up their tubes. DONE!! Well that only took another hour.

Once I got home, I couldn't get over feeling dizzy and wanting to throw up. Plus, my arm felt like it was one big bruise. I did the next thing I could do.... SLEEP! 


  1. I am so happy for you guys more than you can ever know! Girl don't ever be scared to ask to hear your little ones heart beat when visiting with the dr. God Bless ya'll

  2. <3 <3 OVER the MOON for you guys!

  3. OMGosh!! Awww Beth I am in tears! So excited for u & Greg!


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