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Thursday, February 5, 2015

What I Want You to Know About Anxiety

Anxiety (aNGˈzīədē/) noun- a nervous disorder characterized by a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension, typically with compulsive behavior or panic attacks. It's a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

I suffer with anxiety. I believe that those who also suffer from this disorder would agree when I say that it's not only difficult for us but for those around us too. I have created a list of things I think others without anxiety should know.

1. Anxious people are grateful for their loved ones. At times those who are around those who suffer from anxiety would say that they are ungrateful or a killjoy. In reality that's partly understandable. Anxious people are the champions at coming to the worst possible conclusion almost instantly. IN a round about way, that's not really who I am. That's not what we are. In fact, when I'm not having a anxious day, I can be pretty optimistic. I love life and I'm thankful for life. I am very grateful for what I have and for what the Lord has blessed me with. Please realize that I don't mean to focus on the bad. Most of the time I just can't help it. 

I have a few words for my friends and family. I am grateful for you. I appreciate you. You (especially my husband) are the light at the end of the tunnel that I look forward to embracing. You try your hardest to understand me and you are willing to stay by my side. So, thank you.  

2. It's hard for me to shake some of my fears, so please don't try to make me. I know that at times they may seem a bit crazy. I find myself thinking of crazy "what if" moments all the time. I can't push them away and they always seem to creep up on me when I am alone. I think about what might happen when I'm home alone. I think about what might happen while my family and I are out driving. I think about what might happen to my children. All of these thoughts, mostly bad thoughts follow. I think of different scenarios that could happen and they vividly play out in my mind. I can't help it. These just happen.


Please remember that those who have anxiety issues never mean some of their actions. They just happen. Then we dwell on those actions later when we realize that we should have acted differently. I'm here to tell you and help you see that our disposition has nothing to do with you. Please don't get angry at us. Anxiety itself is pretty exhausting when I sit ruminating about everything that possibly could have done wrong, are doing wrong, or could do wrong. I cry at times. It's an emotional roller coaster. Remember this. 

If you suffer from anxiety, what are some ways you cope?

If you don't, how do you plan to help someone you know who may be anxious?

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