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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Half Way There.....

If you've been following along with my blog (that I've terribly neglected the past few days) you'll know the fight I have been going through the past few years. If not, I encourage you to take a look at them. I've shared every aspect of the struggle and I'd even like to believe that I've inspired a few out there.

So the reason for this post is to announce that as of today, I'm two weeks away from this process being over. As long as everything works out right, I should have my brand new dentures on Jan 31. Last Wednesday and today have been my latest appointments. On Jan. 11, the denture process started. I went to make the first impression for them. It was uncomfortable but a relief all in one. Today I went back and tried out the wax version of the impression to get the measurements perfect. The first impression was made into a wax impression where they melted the wax down to fit my mouth. I also got to pick out the shade of white for my "teeth".

It feels so great. I never thought this process would ever be here. And here I am. Excited. To give you the very brief look into the past, I'll share a photo with you with how bad my teeth were (as well as my health) due to my teeth. It's very important to take care of them. (Which I did but had no control due to other health issues) So, here I am in Nov of last year right before my surgery:

Every tooth in my mouth was bad. I couldn't eat solid foods and cold foods/drinks hurt. I couldn't really brush them either due to them being so brittle. When I was born, I was sick. The meds they gave me ate the enamel off of my teeth. So, it didn't matter how much I took care of them... they'd still end up like this.....

After about 5 years of fighting, I now look like this. And I'm proud of it. I got my life back. Yes it was at the cost of my teeth but it's the best thing I ever did. I have no regrets.

I absolutely love this picture. The next photo of me will be right after I put in the finished dentures at the dentist office. So, I wanted to thank everyone who supported me in the process. And for those who look at these pictures and judge them..... I pray that one day you will have the ability to understand. I also would suggest you reading the post I did a while ago titled..."Think before you speak."

I am proud of who I am and what I look like. This journey has shown me not to judge others by their looks because you have no idea what they are going through, it's taught me to be thankful for everything in my life (both little and big), and it's taught me exactly what happiness feels like. AND IT FEELS GREAT!!!!

Thanks so much for reading. I really hope this post has touched you in some way and made a difference in your life.

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  1. I am so happy for you my love. All is going great and I am so happy that this fight is almost finally over. It's been a very long time coming. I love you baby.

  2. I am so glad that things are finally working out for you!! I think you look beautiful and can't wait to see the end result!! I love you!

  3. You look beautiful, Im sure once the process is over and completed you will look and feel better about yourself. I myself have been a very sick child taking meds and everything that have rotted my teeth, my dentist of 20 years just recently informed me if I keep having cavities or breaking teeth he is sending me to have my teeth taken out. Im a little scared because I went with an ex-boyfriend and saw the pain and everything he went through having his removed, I looked after him for a few days but this scares me to no end. lol

  4. You are still a beautiful kind person no matter if you have teeth or not hun so dont let people give you crap. Same i tell john i didnt marry his teeth so i dont care if he has them or not

  5. You are and always have been beautiful. I am glad to see your self esteem climbing higher n higher as the final days approach. I love you and can't wait to see the end result with that big ole smile I haven't seen in years!!


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