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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Smile.... just Smile!!!

I have another update for the progress with my dentures. I had another fitting done yesterday. But the most exciting part is that the dentures are a week from being pretty much done. I'll be bring them home next week to try them out. As long as things go as planned. Here's the new look. 

They aren't all the way done. So I'll post a new picture once they are. I'm really glad this journey is almost over. All I have to do is fight through the pain and get used to them. Then, I'll finally be free. I won't be held back from life because of my teeth any longer!!!!!!!

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  1. Sweetie, I wish I'd seen this earlier when you were just getting started! I went through the same thing at 30. My issue was two-fold - I was 6yrs old the first time I brushed my teeth, and at that point, my baby teeth were so bad it was excruciating. Needless to say, I was extremely reluctant in the following years. It didn't help that I grew up in an area with no public water system. Our water came from a spring, then a well, then a cistern that collected rain runoff from our roof, so there was no fluoride supplementation there. As a teen, I got my teeth fixed, but they were already beyond hope, being weak and brittle.
    At 30, I was finally finished with the unending pain, but our insurance had no dental component. My mother paid for me to have them pulled, 6 at a time, a week apart. My impressions were taken 3 weeks before the final extractions, and when the last ones came out, the dentures went in immediately. I've NEVER regretted it!

    When you get your dentures, if they fit well, you won't need adhesives, though it's a good idea to have a tube the first couple of weeks while you get used to keeping them in place. It requires training the muscles of your face a little, nothing big.

    You'll get used to them surprisingly fast, and be able to enjoy foods you probably never could. It's easier to get used to them if you wear them to sleep as well. You can do the cleaning/soak stuff as you shower, etc, rather than overnight.

    No matter how well they fit at first, you'll need tiny little adjustments made. It's easier and more convenient to do them yourself with a fine grained emery board - you can file off a tiny tiny amount, try it for a while, then take off more if necessary.

    Some people have issues with dry mouth with dentures. If you do, there's a mouthwash called Biotene that helps tremendously.

    Congratulations!!! Your life is about to change in a great way!

    If you have questions, etc, feel free to email me at kenradaniels AT gmail DOT com.



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