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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy 9th Angelversary, Dakota

9 months ago today my world changed forever. I went to the hospital in labor thinking I would be bringing home our second daughter. Instead my world was shoved into a blender and tossed about. I have learned so much within the last 9 months and I believe each lesson was needed for me to learn. I learned how to love fully and forgive easily. I learned who my real friends were and gained some amazing new ones along the way. I became closer to God and began living my life fully for him. In return, the Lord showed me just how strong I am. I know for a fact that with the Lord I can and will make it through anything.

With that said, today is not only a milestone for Dakota but for me as well. This is the first angelversay of my daughter I never met. For in the past, this day was rough. But today was much different. I found myself being able to fully laugh and love, instead of cry while screaming to the Heavens why. It's a bittersweet day for me.

I love knowing that Dakota will NOT know what it's like to have her heart broken or know what any pain is for that matter. She only knows love and happiness. Her entire existence here on earth was filled with love and when her time came... she was greeted with the angels and Jesus. How could I want anything different for her? Every mother wants what is best for their child. I am no different. My daughter was born into the arms of Jesus!! You don't get any better than that!!!

Happy 9 month angelversary, Dakota. I can't wait to look into your eyes for the first time and hear you speak for the first time. I do know that I'll be seeing you soon. Until then, fly high and watch over Mommy, Daddy, and Sissy.

I love you to the moon and back; forever and infinity!

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