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Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year....New Hopes & Goals... Part Two

*** This post is in continuation from my previous update. ***
Thank you for joining me again and taking a moment to read this post. I'll be giving you a general update on Rainbow and the rest of the family.
Rainbow is now 4 months old and doing very well. He does have a cold and hasn't been feeling well. Thanks to this crazy weather. It doesn't help when yesterday was 50 degrees out and today it's about 20 degrees. It's freezing!!
Baby boy has been such a blessing. I smile each morning when I see his beautiful face. My life semi feels complete when I look at the two children I have with me. I love seeing Sunshine interact with Rainbow. She's such a good sister to him.
Baby boy has been laughing out loud. He's learned how to roll over onto his right side. He's tried banana's and pears at the four month mark and tolerated them rather well. At the end of the month, he goes in to see the doctor for his four month shots. So, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers until then.
As for me and my husband, we are doing the best we can considering the circumstances we have found ourselves in. Life is stressful but we are working together to ride the stress waves of life. The job I mentioned at the end of last year fell through. He had his start date and they called to tell him they have to wait to start him. They were put under a hiring freeze, which leaves Hubby with the crappy company he works for now.
Please keep him in your prayers for this job. Word is that they'll be reopening hiring at the company my husband wants to work for at the end of the month. My family NEEDS this job. My children don't see their Daddy enough and the company doesn't care for their employees. Every day that my husband works here, he's put in danger. However, he can't just leave because we will lose everything we have without him working.
I'm doing the best I can. I wish I had it in me to find the time to write more and be better at what I do. I have so many books in the works for my readers, which I'll give an over view of on my author blog. Feel free to take a look.... HERE.
I'm still breastfeeding Rainbow. We have reached our four month goal and now we have a six month goal. This has been such an amazing journey with him.
Besides the stress and what not of my life, I can't complain when the Lord has blessed me so much. He gave me an amazing husband. He helped me through the most difficult time in my life when I lost my daughter. Then, he blessed me with my rainbow, which I repeatedly prayed for. **Thank you Lord for being so good to me!*
Well, this is the overview update. I'll be back soon with another update. Please pray that I can make it to the cyber school appointment this coming Thursday, which means I have to reschedule Sunshine's appointment with the doctor but her schooling is rather important.

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