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Friday, December 23, 2011

10 of the Most Annoying Things Women Do That Men Dont Say Anything About

It's a proven fact: Men love women. Always have and always will. They love the way they are. Men are fascinated by the way, us women look (both in the morning and after the shower), our smell, and even our little moments we have where we do the most stupid things. Most of the time. they will do anything to ensure their woman is happy.... although there are times we get on their nerves. I've talked to several men and came up with 10 of the most annoying things women do (without realizing it) from a mans point of view.

10. Talk About Other Woman - We get it. Women always try to be the center of attention in our lives. But it doesn't need to be at the expense of another woman. You don't have to point out the "flaws" in other women to get us to see how great you are. We already know. If we didn't think you were great... we wouldn't be with you. We'd walk (or in some cases, run) away. It's, in our opinion, wrong. Some men think it's sexier when a woman compliments another instead of picking the flaws and focusing on them.

9. Step By Step Updates- Women tend to spend a lot of their day updating their social websites with each and every move they plan on doing throughout their day. Honestly, this isn't sexy. Men don't want to know you started your period and have cramps.... or.... if your eating Taco's... Watch how much information you share. Knowing your every step isn't very attractive. Keep the guys guessing as well as the world.

8. Fighting Over The Internet- What man doesn't like the typical cat fight? But when it's all you post about.... many men find it extremely annoying. This just shows trashy instead of classy. This shows the lack of self control and unable to keep your cool. If they take their fights with their girlfriends online.... what will she do when we get into a fight? I know we don't want the entire world to know about our differences. This kind of makes it hard to trust woman and not know what extent they will take things to.

7. Getting to Attached- We enjoy the company. But there's a time when it goes too far. We don't need to be with you all the time. Men need their space too. They expect men to be there at their waking moment in the morning and expect us to be there the moment we get home from work. We need our time too. Then, there are those time when we are out with our friends and all she does is text or call. "I know I'll be happy to share any exciting moments I experienced but it's hard to do this when I have my phone stuck in my hand because I'm replying to a text message or answering her call." Let us have our time without contact. This will only make us miss you more and want to be with you.

6. Constantly Wants To Shop- Women seem to make a shopping trip last all day. They go into the store with their list or with what they need in mind. Then, they take all day just to get everything (and then some). Another thing is when they go into the store to buy something for someone else and seem to only be picking out items they want. Most of the time they don't need it but they buy it anyway. This shows a bit of being selfish. If you go into a store to pick out a gift of some sort, don't buy for yourself as well just because you want it. Save this for another time. Show that you can actually shop for someone other than yourself.

5. Constantly Being Needy- Women tend to get so comfortable in a relationship, they tend to begin to rely on men for every need. It could could be either mental, emotional, or physical. They tend to have the impression that men are there for this purpose. But, in fact, we would like to be on the same level with you. Honestly, we don't want to be the emotional crutch for your insecurities. We don't mind being there sometimes but when it becomes an all the time thing.... it's a huge turn off.

4. Constantly Complaining- Life can be rough sometimes. We all know this. But one thing some women tend to do is complain about everything. They complain about their hair not going right or their weight (even though she looks great the way she is). There can't be that much in life that upsets you and there has to be something that makes you happy. This makes men think you're hard to please which is another turn off.

3. Overly Emotional or constant whining- Women are in touch with their sensitive side. Men know this but sometimes it goes over board. Women who whine about everything get just plain out annoying. They whine about the smallest things such as their hair not going right or they are feeling insecure. They whine about the lady at the store who took too long at the check out or the long line waiting at the bank. They even whine about things men don't actually think about. The constant whining is a mood killer. Then, some women will cry over the smallest thing. Such as taking things the wrong way or looking too far into something that was said. Showing you care is one thing but when that caring turns into constant whining, it makes some men want to run for the door.

2. Constantly Over-dressing- Yes, men like a nice clean look and like women who show they take care of themselves. But there are some women who take this too far. It's extremely annoying to look at a woman and the first thing I notice is the eye make-up she's got on. I don't want her beautiful eyes drowned out with a bright blue or even black. When we plan on a date, it takes them forever to get ready. Your human. Therefore, each strand of hair doesn't need to be perfect. There's really no need to keep running to the bathroom to check your make up. It didn't run away nor is it going to. You look great... put it on (lightly) and forget about it while we are out. This just shows that maybe she will care for herself more then actually spending time with me.

1. Dwelling on the Past- The past is there for a reason so let it go. I don't want to hear about something I did months ago when a disagreement arises. Throwing it up in my face during an argument isn't proving anything except that you have a hard time letting things go. Once it's over and we worked it out, let it go and don't bring it up again. This falls under the nagging as well. Then, sort of a way to punish us, they use sex as a weapon during the fights. We aren't kids. Don't bring up the past and expect us not to react. The same with sex, it's not for your personal enjoyment or your weapon.

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  1. LOL! I love this post! I couldn't agree more! I know a few women who do these kinds of things on a daily basis and from a womans point of view it drives me batty! Great post:) I'm your newest GFC and Linky follower. Great blog by the way:)



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