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Friday, December 16, 2011

Worst 911 call.....

I'm under the impression that 911 serves to those citizen who are in the need of help because of an emergency. Though it doesn't always go the way you'd think. Take a look at this video:

Just listening to this has my blood near boiling. No one should ever have to deal with this.


  1. Oh my gosh!! Okay I don't care who you are in an emergency like that I'm sure more then the F word would be coming out!! And a suspension? What would they have done if the guy had died?? That is so sad, that poor girl and her brother sat there watching their dad almost die because that jerk refused to send her help and hang up? I don't care how many recommendations he has he was wrong from the beginning and just kept going. So sad.

  2. The girl's a foul mouthed, obnoxious kid, but the officer is paid to over look that and do his job despite the girl's language.

  3. That is freaking awful... That cop needs to be fired!!!


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