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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Smile.... not so easy now.....But it will be!!

I didn't get to post yesterday because....... I got my dentures!!!! Man, this is different. I'm having mixed feelings about them. There nice and I like them. But the adjustment process may take me a while. I didn't keep them in all day yesterday. I had some bone shaved down in a spot which made it really sore. As of today, I've had them in so far for a half an hour. Which to some wouldn't sound like an accomplishment... but to those who know what I'm going through for the complete first day... each hour is an accomplishment that I'd love to celebrate. The first day is the hardest.

Man, I feel like I'm a Saint Bernard. I'm slobbering so much. (LOL) Yes, you can laugh because I am. The dentist said this is normal and will last about a month depending on my body. I'm trying not to use the adhesive right now. I plan on using it once I can wear the dentures all day. This way I'm not wasting the adhesive.

I haven't tried to eat with them yet. Not sure really how to do this one. I was told to start with soft foods and work my way up. I'm not sure if I'm ready to try eating with them yet. Like yesterday when I came home, I was thirsty. So, I grabbed something to drink... yeah... that didn't work out so well. The drink ended up all over me instead of in my mouth. I was like "WTF???" These were supposed to help. LOL Thank God it was a little bit of soda and not hot coffee. That could have been bad.

To give everyone an idea of the steps I went through.... here are some pictures:

Here is what my teeth looked like before my surgery...

Swelling after surgery

Waiting for my gums to heal....

Trying them on ... although they weren't completely finished.

The finished look... taking them home to start the adjustment phase of this journey.

I want to thank everyone who has passed on their tips and suggestions to me. Thank you for being so kind and offering words of encouragement. Thank you for all the wonderful compliments I have gotten over the past few months. I must say.... I have some pretty awesome people reading my blog!!!

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  1. They look great! I have to get partial dentures soon, with all the teeth I'm missing.. I hope they look as good as yours do.


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