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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

We did it.... 37 week mark!!!!

YAYYYYY!!!! We hit our goal of 37 weeks as of yesterday. I'm super excited. I had my check up with the doctor yesterday, along with another ultrasound. This visit didn't go as smoothly as they have been. My first appointment out of the two was for the ultrasound. Baby boy biophysical profile with an 8/8, once again. Which is really good. The amniotic fluid seems to be stable for now. He was very active during the tests and gave us a great show.

This appointment was a bit different because my sister and nephew joined in. My nephew is three. His reaction to seeing Jaxson on the screen was adorable. He made comments such as "I just love him." I didn't know which was cuter, my son wiggling around or the out of the blue things my nephew was saying about my son.

Once the ultrasound was complete, we waited about an hour for the next appointment, which was to check in with the doctor. The same routine happened. They called my name and showed me to a room in the back. I mentioned to the nurse that it's hard to feel baby move compared to contractions. My entire belly is always rock hard and it's really sore. She talked to the doctor who decided it'd be best to hook me up to the non stress testing machine to check on contractions.

The first nurse had a bit difficulty finding Jaxson's heartbeat where it was loud enough for the machine to register the BMP. She found a spot where it was the loudest and added the straps to me. 

As soon as she finished with the first strap, she added the contraction monitor on and I went to town hitting the button as I felt baby boy moving around. He kept jumping away from the monitor for his heartbeat and the machine stopped picking it up. The machine picked up contractions as soon as the nurse pulled her hands away. However, they were far in between and told it they were braxton hicks. 
This is where the appointment changed without me first realizing it. The same woman who gave me trouble in the 35.5 week post I talked about. She pretty much oversees the non stress testing. She came over to me and started messing with the straps to find baby's heart beat again. I watched as my stubborn baby boy didn't work with her. After a few minutes of trying, she found him but had the blue circle monitor at an angle. She grabbed the straps and pulled them tight to keep the monitor in place. It didn't work, so she tightened the straps again. 

After she was done, she went back over to her desk and sat down. At that time, I noticed the top of my belly on the right side felt like it was stinging. I figured this must be another contraction. After a few minutes went by, I noticed baby boy hadn't moved and figured he went to sleep for a bit. The test totaled about 30 minutes. They weren't worried about baby boy's movement this round because I was there for the contractions. 

My doctor came in to check on me and update me with the information from the ultrasound. She also told me that I am scheduled on the books to be in Labor and Delivery on the very early morning of Sept. 1st. to start the induction process. Once she was done talking to me, she told me that the test was complete and she would see me on Thursday. 

The other woman who normally hooks me up, came back over. When she went to unstrap me, I noticed that she had to pull the strap tighter to unhook it. (Sort of like you do with a belt to get it off) She did the same thing with the second strap too. That's when I noticed that she had them wayyy too tight. I had the marks from the straps and the round plastic monitors on my belly. As soon as she pulled the straps tighter, I could feel the straps forcing baby boy to move, which caused me to feel sick. I told my husband my thoughts and he took a look at my belly.

Instantly I saw his facial expression change. It went from calm and content to anger. He said my belly was really red. As I walked out of the office, the burning pain that was on the upper front of my belly went around my right side and into the middle of my back. We left the doctors office and had a few stops to make on the way home. Therefore, it took us a few hours to get there. Once I got home, I realized the pain in my side was worse and the bottom of my belly started hurting too. 

My husband took a look at my belly and the marks were still there, even four hours later. This was the first time we had to call and make a formal complaint. I felt bad doing it, however, who knows what this has done. Even over 24 hours later, my belly is still sore. The top is red and feels like it's bruised, but there's not a visible bruise. I surely hope she didn't mess any thing up.

Once we talked to the doctors office today about this situation, they said that this woman will not be working with me for the remainder of the pregnancy and someone else will over see the non stress tests. 


  1. Keeping you and sweet baby boy in my prayers.That woman she not only not work with you again,she shouldn't work with any patient again,she should be fired!

  2. Now this really worries me and I hate to even say anything. But have you been back to the doctor just to make sure that you are okay? And I take it baby boy is moving around last night and this morning? I would have honestly said something right then and there. But I am glad you did make a complaint because there is no telling who else she has done that to. Good luck sweets.


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