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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Rainbow Baby's First Week

Wow has this week been something! I can't believe my rainbow is here. It's as if I'm living in a dream. For the first part of his first week here, we spent it at the hospital. We had to stay an extra day because he was born so late on Monday the 1st. I wasn't too thrilled with our stay. As a matter of fact, I ached to take my baby boy home and get away from the stress of the nursing staff.

The night shift nurses and doctor who took care of me and helped me birth baby boy were simply amazing. They were very aware of what had happened with our angel and made sure to explain everything that was going on.

I believe everyone who came into our room that night anxiously awaited for baby boy's arrival. After 15 hours of labor, he came and there wasn't a dry eye within the delivery room. Each nurse and doctor thanked us for allowing us to be part of this amazing time for us. I was and still am very thankful and appreciative for each person on the clock that night. Sleep was hard to come by. I was too excited and full of joy to sleep. All I did within the night hours after his birth was hold him and stare at him. I couldn't believe he made his way here alive. 

About four hours after baby boy was born, they came in to take out my epidural and they took baby for his first bath. I loved how they prolonged his bath because of the health benefits this has for him. As they were off bathing him, I was able to get some sleep. My nurse only had me as her patient for the night, therefore she offered to take pictures of his first bath while I slept. Once he came back, the nurse took out my epidural and I slowly was able to walk again.

The following morning (September 2) shift change came before I was able to wake. Jaxson woke me up with is perfect little cry wanting to nurse. As I nursed him the day shift nurse came in. For some reason I got the feeling that something wasn't right. She checked my vitals and made sure Jaxson was doing well.

She suggested that I use the bathroom so she could make sure all was well there. I agreed. We made our way to the private bathroom within my room and I sat on the toilet. I noticed something wasn't right. Immediately I told the nurse that I didn't feel quite right and I was dizzy. She told me to take a few minutes and just sit there. I didn't argue because if I were to stand, I felt like I would pass out. While waiting she left me in the bathroom and I ended up finishing up in the bathroom without her assistance. I barely made it back to my bed when she came back into the room. Hubby helped me into bed and I got comfortable. The nurse didn't even offer to help.

Before she left, she asked me if there was anything she could get for me. I had been cramping really bad and needed something for the pain. I asked her if there was anything I could get because of breastfeeding. She told me that she'd check with the doctors and would be right back. After she left, Hubby informed me that he was the one who cleaned up my bed for me and got things in order while I was stuck in the bathroom. This ticked me off. This was the nurses duty.

While waiting my mom and step dad showed up, along with my sister and her son. Of course, they're just as excited about baby boy as I am. My step dad had to do his thing with baby boy. (He's done it to just about
all infant boys when they were born.) He had to put a bandanna on him. Oh my goodness... it was an overload of cuteness! They didn't stay long because they had other things they needed to do. My older sister took my daughter home so she didn't miss any more school and everyone headed out. So, after they left I realized the cramping was getting worse.

I realized it had been about three hours since the nurse was last in the room. I told my husband that I couldn't do the pain any longer. He went to grab a nurse and find out what was going on. When the nurse finally came back in she gave me an attitude. I really felt like I was bothering her. She promptly left the room once she saw I had taken the medication and I didn't see her again until much later in the afternoon.

Shortly after the medication kicked in, they came in to take baby boy for his circumcision. I hated this part. I didn't really like the idea of putting my beautiful baby boy through that but I felt that it'd be best for him later in life. While he was gone, I played with my phone and talked to my husband to keep my mind from what was happening down the hall.

Twenty minutes later, they brought baby boy back, swaddled, and sleeping. They told us that he did great and practically slept through the entire procedure. They informed us that when he needed changed to ask one of the nurses until the gauze came off, which would be in a few hours. So we did just that. They helped with the diapers while I continued to nurse him around the clock.

A few hours later, they took the gauze off and my nurse came in. She explained to Hubby about how to change his diaper properly. However, she explained it so quickly and practically did the change herself and hubby didn't catch everything. She left and we didn't see her again. When it came time for baby boy to have a diaper change, my husband asked for the nurse to come back in to oversee that he did the diaper correctly. We ended up waiting for a while for the nurse to come in. My aunt helped Hubby change the diaper. By the time the nurse came back it had been an hour. I'm thankful that we decided to do the diaper when we did or baby boy would have sat in a dirty diaper for an hour.

Once again the night shift nurses were amazing and I had no problems with them. Everything went well. My goodness. boy can eat. He is always at the breast. He's messing diapers regularly. I have even noticed he has been a wake and aware of the surroundings during the night. I spent some quality time with baby boy while Daddy got some sleep. I loved every minute of it.

The feelings that I feel when I look into his precious little face is completely explainable. My heart feel so overwhelmed when I look at him. I didn't think we'd ever make it this far. I'm so very blessed.

The night was straight up hell when it came to getting anything from the nurse. I had to wait for hours and when she finally came in... it was with an attitude. She made me feel as if I was completely stupid and didn't know what I was doing when it came to my baby.

She came in that around 7 the next morning asking how he was doing with breastfeeding and took a look at the baby log. (I was given a chart to fill out. I had to mark down the times he ate, wet a diaper, and messed a diaper.) When she looked at the log, she questioned each mark and time I put down to ensure I was doing it correctly. After lunch, I saw her again. This time she was in to take baby boy to do his newborn screen and his foot prints. This is when I got an even bigger attitude.

Let me remind you... I was fully awake with his small bed right beside mine. I hardly took my eyes off of him. I decided to take a few hospital pictures for our family album and added in a few very small stuffed animals to the foot of his little crib. OH BOY... I heard it from her this time. She demanded I removed them immediately because they were a hazard to him. She sternly informed me that NOTHING goes in his bed with him because of the risk of SIDS.  Hello goof ball don't you think I know that? It's not like I was going to leave them there. I was using them as PROPS for a PICTURE and then I planned on removing them.

She took baby boy to get his testing done and I ordered my lunch. Hubby and I talked and we both agreed that this nurse lacked bedside manners. She made each of us feel dumb. When she brought baby boy back, she told me that he had a touch of jaundice and that he will need to be watched closely. This saddened me a bit but I would let them do whatever it was they needed to in order to take baby boy home.

Around 9, she told me that we could get more pain medication for me after I ate breakfast and then I could shower. She left the room and the day shift doctor came in. The doctor explained that since baby boy was born so late, she'd rather us stay a full 48 hours before she'd release us. After the episode in the bathroom, I didn't disagree.

This is when things got crazy. I had people coming in and out of my room talking to me about my insurance and the bill that I was "racking" up. Five people within an hour had asked me how I planned on paying for the services. (Let me remind you of the beautiful baby boy I just had..... yeah... well he's crying because he wants to be nursed.) I hear my baby boy fussing and these people asking me for money. I guess something happened where my insurance wasn't covering the care I had been receiving and they wanted me to call and find out why.

I broke down and started crying. I didn't want to deal with this. Hubby picked up the phone and called our insurance, while these people stood there waiting for their answer. I had enough at this point and kicked them out of my room. All but one left. She tried to calm me down but it wasn't working. We found out that there had been a lapse in my insurance and since Hubby called and fixed it, the coverage would resume the next morning.

Not even an hour after I kicked them out of the room, a different nurse, whom I have never met before, came in with my discharge papers. This threw me off. Earlier in the morning I was told I wasn't going to be discharged until at least 11 AM the next day. They explained that I no longer needed their care and I was going to be considered a live in for my son. It was officially his room and I was just staying with him. I was no longer getting any type of medical care from the hospital because I was officially no longer a patient.

I had asked for the pain medication the first nurse was supposed to bring me but they refused to give it to me because I was no longer a patient of the hospital. My back hurt so bad and the cramps sucked. Pretty much I had to suck it up. They gave me a prescription for Motrin but I couldn't fill it with the lack in my insurance. Nor could I pay for it.

As nurses came and and went, I cried from the pain. Several nurses acted as if they didn't even notice I was in pain. I could hardly sit still because of the contractions of my uterus and it shrinking. (If you have ever had a baby before... you know that crap HURTS) Well, they completely ignored me. Hubby tried everything to help me with the pain, which was worse when baby boy nursed. It took everything I had to stay in that bed.

My sister came to visit me and I explained to her what was going on. This upset her. My mom and step dad came by for a quick visit and brought me dinner. I told them what was going on. Shift change came and new nurses introduced themselves. By the grace of God, a guardian angel was sent to me. This guardian angel secretly gave me something for the pain from her own purse, which she wasn't supposed to do. She told me that I couldn't tell anyone what she did because she could loose her job. But she couldn't turn her back to me while I was in so much pain.

That night went smoothly. The guardian angel was sent to a different floor and another nurse filled her spot. I really got along with her. She was down to earth and hung out with me in my room. It was like we had known each other our entire lives.

By the time baby boy was released, I was beyond ready to go home. The sleepless nights I looked forward to. As baby boy was being discharged, the same nurse covered this too. Of course, she talked to me like I was stupid. She went through how to bathe him. (DUH, I've done this before and she's rather healthy) She informed me that he was not to be in any crowded places, including church. (Sorry there nurse but my son is safe in Jesus' house, so he will be going to church.)

 To get used to baby boy and a routine, I was released and went to stay the rest of the week with my mom.

**To be continued**

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