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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mud, Fun, And Stupidity

As humans, we love to laugh. Even if it's at the expense of others. You can't deny it.. you've laughed at someone who has done some rather stupid things. Such as trip over a flat surface, fall up the steps, snort while laughing, or jumbling up words as one spoke... I've done pretty much every one of these. I'm a klutz at heart. But there are some things that other's have done that really stick out to me... memories that will last me my life time adding a smile to my face when thinking of them.

Let me share one with you. Maybe it will add a smile to your face. Enjoy!

A few summers ago, I was living with my mom and her husband. It was a beautiful day that followed a rainy one. We lived out in a very spacious area with wooded area's all around. My step dad's best friend owned a four-wheeler. One thing came to our minds on this boring afternoon. We wanted to have some fun. My step-dad called his friend and asked if he minded if we took his four-wheeler out. He said we could. So, I went into my step brother's room, put on some of his old clothes along with his "work" boots. (I didn't have any clothing that I would want to separate with if we did find some mud holes.)

Once we were ready, we loaded up the four-wheeler in the back of the Ranger, and went out looking for some mud. My step-dad grew up in the area so he had some spots in mind. His parents lived like 5 Min's down the road and we parked in their driveway. We unloaded and took off. I came to find myself in an old mine area where there were puddles EVERYWHERE!! As we rode, my step-dad didn't take it easy on the mud spots.. but the things is... they weren't doing the job. We needed to find some mud spots where we could get dirty.

As we rounded a corner, there it was. Our spot. The place we were looking for. We were searching for about 20 to 30 mins for this one mud puddle. The puddle took up the entire pathway. All it screamed at me was... FUN!! My step-dad took a U-turn, lined up with this puddle, and hit the gas. The wind was hitting my face so hard... my eyes were tearing up. I had no control... all I did was smile... finally a boring day turned into a fun one... well that was until we hit the middle of the puddle... it turns out... it was deeper than we thought. The four-wheeler bogged out and was stuck. I climbed off to let my step-dad try to use his weight to get it out but all that did was dig the hole deeper.

After a few minutes of him trying, it was really stuck. My step-dad had the idea to walk back to his parents house to get his truck (which was a four wheel drive) to pull it out. We went back, picked up the truck, and went back. When we got back, we realized we didn't have any ropes or anything. My step-dad decided to use a ratchet strep. He hooked it up and went to town. That didn't work. He was afraid the ratchet strap would break if he used it as a rope. All ideas we had failed, the more we tried... without realizing it.. the more the truck sunk into the mud. Once we realized it, the truck was also stuck in the mud.

We gave up trying to get the four wheeler out of the mud and our attention went to the truck. Without the truck, this meant that we had no way back home. After sitting and thinking about what we should do next, we noticed four others in the distance, on top of a hill watching us. They were probably laughing at how our luck wasn't in our favor. They came to try and help. They took the ratchet straps from the back of the truck and hooked them up to both their four-wheelers/truck.

This wasn't getting us anywhere. So, they decided to try to get the other four wheeler out. After some tugging and pulling, the four wheeler came free. Their attention went back to the truck... this time all the four wheelers were used to try to "free" the truck.

Nothing seemed to help. We had no choice but to call Mom. She had a jeep. That surely would be able to help us get the truck free. Let me remind you that the Ranger was a four wheel drive. Just thinking about our day, makes me laugh... but that's not the end of it... my mom came with her Jeep and was mad. She babied her jeep. She hated the idea of using it to pull the truck out because she didn't want anything to happen to it. Now, we had the jeep and all four-wheelers hooked up to the truck, with my step dad in the truck, trying to get it free. After a few attempts, it finally came out. Everyone was covered in mud. (Well, except for my mom. She refused to get out of her jeep.)

After all this was said and done, our fun was over. Mom told us it was time for us to go home. She was still angry. It seems like we were grounded for the remaining part of the day. My step-dad forgot to load up the ramps to put the four wheeler back into the truck. He got the bright idea to just jump the front end of the four wheeler onto the back of the truck.... I had a bad feeling as well as my mom. But he insisted that all would be fine. As the front end came down on the back of the truck, the tail gate was ripped off. (Pure stupidity which we laugh at now) Common sense would have told you that would happen. After a few minutes of thinking and fighting, we were loaded up and went home.

And Boy were we in trouble!!! Mom wouldn't let us in the house covered in mud. She made us clean off with the hose and she had the honor of doing it. She laughed at our discomfort.

But after all of this, I have a wonderful memory of how stupid we were that day.... and it was FUN!!!


  1. Yes.... RaeBeth that was a day. My husband likes to get into trouble because he knows it doesnt last long, and he also knows he can get out of it quick with that smile. Im glad you have this memory to share with Roger. I think that day helped your relationship with him.
    I Love you sweetie

  2. This was a funny day watching you two come back brown.... And the bad part about all this? That hose was sub zero temperature water LOL. I hope you two enjoyed that day

  3. following back from the hop (Mom Mart) ;) I love this story. I think my sense of humor may be a bad influence on my son. He laughs when Dori gets hurt in finding Nemo and when we play and I say "ouch" he can't stop laughing. Granted I laugh along with him, even though I probably shouldn't.


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