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Monday, August 29, 2011

Why am I brown??

To some, the title may seem odd. But I have very good intentions while writing this blog. I am by no means or extent racist. I am teaching my daughter that no matter what one looks like, we always no matter what, treat others the way we want to be treated. At this moment, I am just disappointed and without words.

My niece is in the second grade. She's adopted by my Aunt. The other day when she went to school, she came home in tears. She asked my Aunt why she was brown? Of course this isn't a question we though we'd have to answer at such a young age. My Aunt asked her why would she ask that? Her response was, "Because this girl at school said she wasn't allowed to play with me because I'm brown."

This just totally upsets me. Every one is created equally. Though we may have different qualities between us, we are the same. This world would be rather boring if we were all the same. If this was your child, would you be upset? Of course you would. So, my question to all that want to answer is, what would you do in this situation to make your child feel better about being different?

It's so sad to see my niece going through this at such a young age. I know there will always be racist people around. But to push those thoughts onto their children, I believe is wrong. Let them make their own thoughts and conclusions. Just like I tell my daughter, Jesus loves us no matter what. He doesn't care about how your hair is done, what kind of clothes you wear, what color eyes you have, or the color of your skin. So, when you look at someone else, don't judge them because of the way they look. Get to know them. See who they really are.

Thanks for reading my rant. Have a nice day.

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  1. Thank-You Beth for buting that in word that i hope a lot of people will understand, an listen too, because you just don't know how many their are out there that are like that untill you are faced with that kind of thing because we don't see the differents to us she is perfect in everyway, and thats all that matters to us. so if there are people that can't or won't understand it they can go to h*** hats all i have to say......Thanks Again Love Ya.


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