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Monday, August 1, 2011

Camping Trip 2011

This past weekend, my fiance and I took a weekend trip with the family. We went camping. It was a blast. I just love watching all of our children playing together. It reminds me of when we all were little.

We all look forward to this every year. My Dad and step-mom get the same cabin every year. Normally, us girls (the sisters) would join them on a day and hang out. This year was my first year staying.

It was so nice. I wish I didn't have to leave. The daily stresses of life seem to disappear when we're there. The only thing I focus on is my daughter and her cousins. Watching them make memories that's going to last them a life time.

Even though each one (besides the baby) asked repeatedly to go to the park or down to the beach when all the adults were tired... I had a blast. It was the high light of my summer. Sitting here today, I really want to go back. I dont want to face the reality of life. Watching these girls swim, run, and play are my safe haven. I thank the Lord everyday for blessing me with such a wonderful family. I <3 them all.

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