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Thursday, September 22, 2011

AT&T services and dropped calls

I've had a cell phone for about 5 years. Well, I should say with a contract. When I first got my cell phone, my fiance and I went with the best provider in our area. Cellular One. After about two years of service, AT&T bought the rights to Cell One. From that point, my cell phone service has went down hill and has continued to go down hill.

It seems that AT&T claims to have the best 3G network out there. I beg to differ with this. I've lived in several area's where my cell phone doesn't work. For over two years, I lived in Fairview, WV.  Within those two years, I could only use my cell phone when I went into Fairmont. Then, I moved to Masontown, PA. When we first stayed there, our cell phones worked fine. (This was during the merger with the two cell companies) Once the merger was done, so was the cell phone service. I had to walk into town to get service. Let me say this, walking in the cold just to make a phone call sucks.

So, some ask me why I don't just get a house phone. I look at it this way. Number one we were staying with family at the time. Therefore, it wasn't our decision to get a land line phone. Second, I feel that with paying $150.00 - $175.00 a month for cell phone service... we should get awesome service for our hard earned money.

Shortly after this problem arise, we moved to where we live now. Our cell phone service has been touch and go since we moved in over a year ago. As of today, I'm lucky to make or receive phone calls as well as text messages. I can't seem to make any calls at all when I'm at home. I have to walk into town to make calls when my daughter is in school. I don't know about you, but I quite frankly don't want to be making important calls to utility companies and such in public. That's my personal business. Not everyone who walks by.

So, I'm writing this to see if any other AT&T customers out there have any other problems like we are having? If so, have you called about it? I know we've called a million times. We've complained but nothing seems to be getting through to this company.

If things continue to go the way they are, I wont renew my contract. That's for sure.


  1. OHHH AT&T the love of my life with the hell best customer service.. this guys pissing me sooo off... ok we dont have the same probleme but since they helped us sooo great we know for sure NEVER EVER I will have a contract with them

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I a following you back on the FNFW blog hop. Sorry the linky would not fit my page this week. I sent you an email explaining.

    Blessings to You and Yours,
    Patricia aka Mamaw


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