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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day Seven- Favorite Vacation

On day Seven we are asked to share our favorite vacation. My favorite is one that we look forward to every year. Camping with the family. It's so much fun. Each of us either rent a cabin or join in with someone else.

It's great watching all the kids run around having fun and even so fighting. It reminds me of when my sisters and I were little. The little fights we had seems so big to us but watching my daughter and her cousins..... some times it gets very amusing. Especially with two drama queens.

Here are a few pictures from this years Camping Trip:

One of the Cabins
All the older girls playing in the sand at the beach.

The boat every one enjoys. (Especially my dad and step-Mom)

Watching the girls ride their bikes.
Yummy Snacks.... <3
And just chillaxin having a great time. (My youngest niece)

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