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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Today has been an emotional day. I woke up feeling okay and watched my older daughter open her gifts. She was excited to see that there were a few things under the tree she had asked Santa for. Seeing the smile on her face was well worth the money spent. I ordered a special blanket from a friend for her to help her with coping with our loss. Before going to bed, she said that the butterflies reminded her of Dakota. Then, she hugged it. Nothing speaks volumes like her face when she opened it. I just love this picture.

After she was done opening her gifts, I went down hill. My husband fell asleep and my daughter was engrossed in her new toys, which left me alone and my mind to go crazy with the thoughts of Dakota.

I sat for the better half of the morning and early afternoon, crying. I didn't want to do anything or be around anyone. I tried to call several people, but of course they were busy with their own craziness, they couldn't talk.

I ended up back in bed and slept the early afternoon away. Once I was up from my nap, we visited Dakota and added more to her grave. Then we joined my family for some festivities.

So, I was planning on writing out our day... but perhaps I'll just show you....

We were surrounded by family. The support we received during Christmas was amazing and I am so happy to have been blessed with such a great support system. Once I was able to pull myself together and get to visit my family, my mood changed and I was able to enjoy myself.

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