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Monday, December 9, 2013

TTC Month One- Update

Well, it looks as if November wasn't our month. I got a bit excited this round because AF (Aunt Flo) decided to make her presence known today. For the past few months, she has been faithfully present every 26 days. It just seems as if she's back to a 28 day cycle. I didn't allow my hopes to be brought up, because I know we will conceive when it's on God's time and when it's right.

So, in the meantime.. I'll be having fun at least trying. :)

In other news, if you don't already know...I have written my story and journey with my daughter Dakota, along with her loss. I am an angel Mom, but what I can tell you is that life and the pain gets better. Does it totally disappear? No. I know the pain will NEVER completely disappear, but I refuse to sit around and drown myself in the sorrows. I want my daughter's memory to be honored. I want her life to be the reason why another person picks themselves up, and carries on with life. There is so much more than we realize here on earth. It's much more then in a physical form. It's also in a spirtial form too.

We as humans have a vast and complex mind, and we can endure so much more than we realize. So, if you're a mother who has had a loss recently and you're reading this... please take heed to my words. Even though it might now feel like the pain will never end and you will never be okay... stop right there. Pain only lasts as long as you allow it to. Well, the majority of it. We can take the pain and use it for good. As an example, I poured the pain into my book, Saying Goodbye Without Saying Hello and let me tell the time I was done was done writing my story...I felt so much better. I decided I was no longer allowing the pain to control me, but I will control it. Dakota will be a treasured memory of mine and I am thankful for each moment the Lord allowed me to have with her. I wouldn't change it for the world.

So I leave you with this, freedom or pain? It's your choice. You can free yourself from the pain by directing the pain in a positive way. The outlet will be amazing in the end. Believe me... this isn't the end of you... it's only the beginning of you. Grasp it and take control. Your angel is a precious memory who will always be with you.

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