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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving in LeHighton

We made it safely last night to Greg's Moms. She welcomed us with open arms and lots of hugs. She was super excited that I had decided to go on this trip. There for a few weeks, I kept thinking I wasn't going to go because of the feeling of leaving Dakota behind. The trip out was fun. We decided to bring our friend Joe along, and Emma loved that idea. I was a bit worried about the weather since the weather channel was calling for a blizzard (*sarcasm*). We saw a dusting on our way there.

The first day (Thanksgiving Day) was more of a relaxing day. We sat around in the living room while watching Emma and Joe goof around. Then, Greg jumps in and the entire weekend was filled with laughter. Once we all sat down, Emma insisted we prayed (proud Mommy moment) and we enjoyed a delicious dinner.

The entire weekend, I kept seeing different things where I would like to believe it was Dakota telling me she's okay and was with me. Here are a video's from the trip:

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