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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Things I Have Noticed Since Becoming An Angel Mommy

I've only been an angel Mom for about four months. In this short amount of time, I have noticed a few things that most don't realize their doing and end up being hurtful towards those who are angel Moms.

As an angel Mom, I want to talk about Dakota. I want to keep her memory alive. So, every chance I get I talk. When I can't talk, I have post cards with the cover of Dakota's story on it that I hand out. I use them as another form of telling people I have an angel as a daughter. I have been through the unthinkable.  The card displays the small symbols on earth that remind me of her. I like to think of her as my butterfly and the Bible verse is one that wouldn't leave my mind the weekend I lost her.

Even though I am hurting on the inside, I am still proud of the little life that I had within me for nine full months. I want to be like any new mommy. I want to tell the world about her. But when I do, people turn away from me. Or they pretend to listen. Why would anyone want to hear about a baby who died? It's so sad.

HELLO!!! That baby who died, is my baby. I want to scream and shout it from the roof tops. I want everyone to know that baby you can't bare to listen about IS alive. It's heartbreaking when those who I think are the closest to me won't even listen. I hear excuse after excuse when I begin talking about Dakota.

Someone out there, please let me talk about my baby girl. Let me tell you how much I love her because I can't tell her. I have all this love for her and I can't share it with her. So, who can I share it with?


  1. <3 you keep right on talking about have a beautiful Angel baby to be proud of, and you have a beautiful little lady to be proud of in Emma <3 I think there are many of us that may not say much, but we do listen. HUGS

  2. You can talk to me anytime! I love ya and will listen. I will never be able to tell u that I feel like u do or know what jr going through. Because I cant. I have never buried my own child. I just buried my mother. Totally different feelings. I will listen to u anytime. I am going to put u in touch with another friend of mine whom went through this and she may be ablepto offer some comfort. Love ya Beth!

  3. I do not know what you are going though but reading your story as a reader I feel your pain in a way. Talk about Dakota all you want, cherish her memory in you the best way you can. Remember the first time she moved, kicked, hiccuped. Remember all that. You have a blog talk about her on here, your friends I am sure are willing to lend an ear, your best friend for sure. I know I only know you from here as being part of your street-team but I am always here to listen.

  4. I love you Raebeth <3 I am always here to listen and if you ever need to talk. I do not fully understand what you went through because I haven't been in your situation but reading and listening to you talk about your angel baby Dakota and what you went through has made me understand more about it. As your friend and street team member, I want you to continue to talk about your angel baby Dakota.

  5. I love listening~well really reading~ about your Angel Baby.So yes keep talking about Dakota.Though there are tears flowing down my face right now,I am happy to be reading about you and your angel baby.


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