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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

One of the MOST dreaded questions.....

As an angel Mom, there are so many things I try to avoid but there are some things I just can't avoid. One example... I dread this question... "How many kids do you have?" The answer for me is awkward. At times I'm not sure how to answer it.

So I'm a mother of two. I have a daughter here with me and another in heaven. I get to parent one child while the other looks over me. When I do my daily things, I keep thinking I should be taking a break right now to feed Dakota, change her, or perhaps take a walk with her. When in the morning, I wake my oldest for school, I should be getting my youngest ready too. The three of us should be walking to the bus in the morning, but there are now only two.

When someone asks me how many children do I have, I always answer it differently. The most common answer I have is.... Two. I have two children. One which is with me and always watching over me. The other driving me nuts and I'm loving every minute of it.

Angel parents- How do you answer this question?

Friends/Family- Any suggestions on an answer that wouldn't be weird or awkward to hear?


  1. Honestly, for me, it depends on who I'm talking to. Sometimes I don't want to get into it (the questions that follow tend to be "Oh! How old are they?!" Sometimes I answer that I have 3, one who passed, and 2 with me...but often times I answer that I have 2 children, because only two are in my "possession" makes the questions easier - for me at least.

    1. I've answered the question with one. Then I feel like I'm not honoring Dakota. There's still a lot of guilt I have when I do something where I could have included her and didn't.

  2. Wow, I am not sure. Being as I had a miscarriage I am not sure if I can say I have 3 children. I like to believe I do, being as I heard the baby's heartbeat a week before I lost him/her. I have a u/s of the baby. I have not been asked that question but if I was asked it would be hard to answer. Some people believe that when you have a miscarriage and you did not give birth or lose the child later on in the pregnancy that you can not count that child as one of your own. I disagree, as soon as the test came out positive I believe I have a child. That is just my thoughts. But I am sure it is hard to answer when you have lost a child like you did only to have people ask "what happened?" Then it opens up all sorts of emotions for you which I know must make it hard.


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