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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Capture Your Grief - Day 13 - Regrets + Triggers

Regrets during my journey of grief:

1. I regret not being able to bathe and dress my angel. (I never got to do this.)
2. I regret not laying a baby blanket in her forever bed with her.
3. I regret allowing others to tell me how I should be grieving and listening to them.
4. I regret not being more grateful and more excited for her during my pregnancy.
5. I regret not holding on to her longer when I had the opportunity.
6. I regret that I didn't fight harder for her when I knew something was wrong and her doctor wouldn't listen to me.
7. I regret not making sure more photo's were taken of us. (Yes we had pictures done but I have one photo of me and my angel and it's blurry.)
8. I regret the fact that I wasn't the mother my oldest daughter needed while she was grieving too.
9. I regret not keeping up with the letters to my angel in her notebook and vow to start writing to her again.
10. I regret not knowing her exact weight, length, or more details of her that I'm slowly losing over time.


1. Baby girl clothes in the store.
2. Seeing her name written somewhere.
3. Certain ways my rainbow baby looks while he sleeps.
4. Fall to winter because I can't see butterflies on a daily basis.
5. When someone doesn't acknowledge that she existed when listing their nieces or grandkids on a card or social media. 

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