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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More About Me

As I see more followers, first I'd like to welcome you. Next, I would like to tell you all a little about myself. (All Random Thoughts)

I loooove music. I have very little scars. I love black fingernail polish. I hated school but graduated with a 3.0 and still have the desire to go to college. I have a big family. My memory sux. I'm allergic to gay (no offense) people. I love to walk around my house naked. I like to walk in the rain and the sound of rain is waaay cool. Lightening is amaaazing. I hate roller coasters. I like making mistakes so long as I can honestly say I learned something from it. Im not afraid of heights. I love rock climbing. I have incredible, supporting friends. My biggest concern for my future, other than never straying from god, is being the best mother I can and one day be proud of who my child is. God has given me soooo much more than I could ever ask for. I thank him everyday for everything I have. I love to act dumb in front of my family. I hate snow. I never met my grandmother on my mother's side. I miss my Grand parents on my fathers side everyday and wish that I could see them more often. I fell fast for the one that I loved. I never regret the way my life turned out.

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