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Friday, May 23, 2014

Please Don't Cry by Rae-Beth McGee-Buda

Please Don't Cry
Written by Rae-Beth McGee-Buda
(c) All Rights Reserved*

Please Mommy don't cry.
We don't have to say good-bye.
I know it broke your heart,
but we really aren't apart.

I'm safely tucked in angels wings
as they gently sooth my dreams.

Dear Daddy, please don't cry.
The angels sing me lullabies
that gently tuck me in at night,
which makes me feel safe from fright.

Dear Sister, please don't cry.
As you sit and wonder why.
We will be together again someday
and we'll be able to laugh and play. 

Dear Baby Brother, please don't cry.
for I am always near by.
We will be together soon,
for I will always love you.

In memory of Dakota Emily Buda. 

Happy 1st Birthday in Heaven!

*The following poem is for your enjoyment only and is protected by copyright laws. Do NOT use the poem as your own. If you wish to share, please use the sharing options below this post. 
Thank you. 


  1. you made me cry with this Beth, you and Greg are so strong! <3 Love and Light

  2. The brother verse hit me the wrong way being what you have been through <3 I think it's wonderful :D Positive thoughts!

  3. Very beautiful and touched my heart. Great job writing this.

  4. love your poem your little angel is watching down from heaven on you all :)

  5. I am so glad you have written this book. I think it is so much needed!!

  6. I am so glad you were able to write this book. I think it is so needed. I saw your poem on a fb page for stillborn births. Michelle Stoermer

  7. love what you have written, would love a book. i lost two angels jamie and finley x

  8. Your beautiful angel as shown the true power of god. He needed her to help many.

  9. I feel blessed that I got to watch Raebeth go through this. She has shown that the faith and love given is well worth it.

  10. Lovely poem. I can not even describe the feelings I get by reading it.


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