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Monday, May 5, 2014

Six Days Post Surgery

Our Princess has hit day six after her surgery with no major events. 

Praise God! 

This past week has been a roller coaster for all of us here. I've been going on very little sleep due to her medication schedule and my husbands work schedule. I'm super excited because last night I was able to pretty much sleep the entire night. She needed her meds at 11 PM, 3AM, and then again at 7 AM. She's still being selective with the types of foods she's eating and we're still at a very soft diet. I've been asked several times if we could have pizza, but that's a big no-no right now. The doctor suggested no red foods for up to 10 days and nothing with a sharp pointy edge on it. 

She's not too happy hearing the word "No." Her attitude has returned to normal and she's starting to joke around again. This is one thing I have missed. Our Princess has done so much for me when it comes to smiling....I think I've began to rely on her for my smiles. 

Shes been staying awake all day regardless of the medicine, which one would think would make her sleep. Nope! She's up around 7ish in the morning and stays away until her last dose of meds at night around 11 PM. She's ready to roll. One thing she can't wait to do is go outside to play. With no physical activity, she's not allowed out on her play set. She's allowed to sit on the porch but that's all. So, Daddy decided to play some XBOX with her.

She loved this. It's not very often that her daddy gets to play with her because of working so much. I couldn't pass up this photo opp. It warmed me to hear both of them laughing and having a great time. On the plus side, Princess stopped crying to go outside. :)

As for her sleeping... oh this is a nice one. The doctors said that it'd take at least three weeks to a month to hear or see a difference in her sleeping. Let me say...she proved them wrong again. She still sleeps with her mouth open, but that's because of swelling. (When her throat dries swells up a tad.) However, her breathing is normal!!!  She does snore on occasion but that depends on the way she's sleeping. The very heavy breathing is gone and she silently breathes now. Yep, that caused me to be on high alert because I was afraid she would stop breathing and I wouldnt hear her. 

After six days of running to her side and checking on her...I believe this will be our new normal.

The biggest point is... SHE DOESN'T STOP BREATHING!!!!! This was a big one. I believe the apnea is GONE!!

I'm one blessed Momma! 

Well, until next time... thank you for stopping by and reading!

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