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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Google Friend Connect to be retired soon.....

I've gotten word and even seen the announcement made by google that the Google Friend Connect widget will soon be retired for non-Blogger sites. What's your thoughts on this?

This is due to be happening in March. Here's the article:


  1. Congrats! You're the featured Blog of the Week in the Sunday Drive Around the Blogosphere! Thanks for participating! I hope you get several new followers from the hop!!!

    As for the GFC thing... I read it too, and as long as it's for NON-Blogger sites, I won't pitch too much of a fit. If they decide to do away with it on blogs... I'm gonna get ill. I wonder if they mean Blogger (their blog hosting site) or if they mean all bloggers, including those outside of their Blogger site?

  2. surprised that Google would do that.....

  3. Any of you serious about your blog I HIGHLY suggest you read my Google post and hopefully learn from my experience with Google.


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