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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Takes some getting used to.... is... an under statement...

Just to refresh every one's memory or update the new readers, I had oral surgery on the 14th of November. The surgery went well though the surgeon did say it was a tough surgery. The first two days weren't really much for me because I was off in la la land.

About the third day after my surgery, I got up and began being part of the world again. I could only be up out of bed for a few minutes at a time because I kept getting light headed. One thing I hated up to this point was having to rinse with warm salt water. I just hate the taste of plain salt. On the third day, I ventured a car ride to my mother's for the weekend. This was rough. I kept getting car sick.

Once I got to Mom's and she helped me get comfortable.. it wasn't too bad. I must say I don't know what I would have done if my mom wasn't right beside me for this ride. She made sure I was taken care of as well as my daughter. I must say she did an awesome job.

Now I just hit the two week mark. I'm feeling a lot better than what I was. I'm pretty much back to the same routine I had. But I'm fighting to get back on schedule. All the sleep caused me to fall out of my normal routine.

My daughter, which is 5, helped me out a lot. She was always trying to help in some way. She even went to the extent of asking my grand-mother if she was going to give her false teeth to her mommy one morning while my grand-mother was doing her morning routine. (I had to share this.)

Today was the first day where the swelling in my face went down a lot. I was actually able to talk. I'm praying that it continues to go and stay down. I hate the swelling. It makes it so much more hard to talk.

I can say that having no teeth is life changing and hard to adjust to. I keep finding myself trying to eat foods without thinking. I never had to deal with not being able to chew up food. It's tough. Psychologically it's hard. I'm 24 years old without my real teeth. Takes a lot to say that for me. I know deep inside it's for the best but it's still hard to believe I have no teeth.

In reality, I know every thing will work out in the end and my health will be much better. I'll even be able to use my college degree and FINALLY work. Now that's exciting.

I want to thank all of my reader's who have followed my journey so far and I want to thank all of you who are reading this right now.

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