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Friday, November 4, 2011

I Signed The Pledge and So Can YOU

I haven't been a wittness of it and I know I won't be (now that I signed the pledge).... this pledge is known for women standing together, speaking up, to stop online bullying among Moms.

I know if I get word that my daughter is being bullied in school, I want to do something about it quick. I contact the school in hopes that this situation will be resolved.

I was a victim of bullying while in school. (Im not embarrassed to say because it just makes those who do the bullying look like an ass).

And now I will stand up and help the fight against bullying online among Moms. (Which I must say is ridiculous) We don't want our children or family to go through it.... So, why would you want to put someone else through it.

So, join me now and sign the pledge HERE. You'll be happy you did it. I am.


  1. I'll check out your pledge after my comment.
    I have seen on line bullying. That's what happens when children have face book accounts in 3rd, 4th grades. It gets pretty nasty. There was a whole mess at school last year with the 3rd grade and their nasty comments where a whole little group almost got suspended over insults and threats. It is crazy.

  2. New follower here.

    I haven't really noticed online bullying among mothers. I have noticed a lot of competition which I think will be among women until the end of time.


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