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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Beginnings this Christmas Season

I've noticed that there are several bloggers (including myself) that are doing the Christmas traditions a little different this year. If some of you bloggers out there are looking for something creative to do... I just might have the idea for you. I believe that there are too many children out there that really think Christmas is about the presents, money, and Santa. They expect the expensive gifts and aren't happy with anything less. (I personally know kids this way.) I refuse to let my child think this way. That is why we are changing things up a bit.

On Christmas Eve, the family will come together in the kitchen and bake cake. This cake can/will be decorated in any way my Princess wants. We're adding sprinkles and candles this year. On the top, it will read, "Happy Birthday Jesus." I'm hoping this will help my daughter see that Christmas is for Jesus. Not for the gifts.

On Christmas Day, she will open three gifts. Yep, that's it. Three. We aren't going all out this year. I feel our daughter was becoming all about the presents. I don't want that. Jesus had three gifts brought to him from the three wise men and that's going to be good enough for my child. Afterward, we will visit our family and have dinner. The entire family will gather around the cake we baked the night before and sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus. This way all children in our family will see the reason for Christmas.

If you like this idea, use it. I'd love to hear your Christmas ideas for this year. Thanks for reading.


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  2. RaeBeth, this is a wonderful idea!! I think I may just try this because when my mom asked Hunter what he liked most about Christmas, he said the presents...I do not want my child to go without knowing what CHRISTmas is all about!

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  4. I like this idea! We are trying to teach that Christmas is a time to spend with family.

  5. I like this idea. I think more kids these days need to be informed about the real reason for Christmas. Visiting from Facebook and doing an entry request.

    ~Roger Yost~


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