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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Appreciating the Nurses

I'm beyond thrilled. If you've read my book about my journey with Dakota, you will know a bit about what I am talking about. While being pregnant with Dakota, I decided to go to West Virginia University Hospitals and see the OB/GYN doctor there. I was familiar with the way they worked things within a pregnancy and was comfortable with them, due to the fact that they had also helped bring my oldest daughter, Emma into the world.

Everything went great with Emma, so why not go back? So, I did. We all know the outcome of what happened, but what I'd like to express is my sincere gratitude for all those who were on the clock the night Miss Dakota gained her wings.

From the moment of those dreaded words and up until today, they have been amazing. First, they showed the utmost respect for me and my family during our tragic time. They kept me in what I needed and there was no need to ask. They constantly checked in but didn't hover. They bathed Dakota and dressed her in a beautiful little dress.

As I was watching the nurses face while she was taking our family photo's with Dakota, she could hardly contain her tears. For she was mourning our loss too. While seeing her tears, this showed me that my pain was real and my daughter mattered.

I want to do a shout out to the head nurse who called me this past week. She got word that I was upset that my daughter didn't get a hospital bracelet. Well, she got all of Dakota's measurements off of me because she's planning on making one for her. This means so much to me. I am beyond words in expressing how much this woman did for me. For the past five months, I wondered why Dakota didn't get one. But now that's about to change. Miss Dakota will have one coming in the mail soon. I'm super excited.


Thank you to the Nurses and Doctor who was on the clock the early morning of May 27, 2013. You're absolutely wonderful and I am blessed with the fact that I had you there. The sympathy you have shown, shows me that people who haven't went through a loss are still affected by the loss, even if they don't know the person personally.

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