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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Not High Risk.... Are you crazy?!?!?

Pre-Pregnancy Photo
The outcome of the Pre-Pregnancy appointment didn't pan out the way I had hoped. First off, the doctor didn't do any tests or any type of exams. So, I don't see how he could tell me if I was physically ready to carry another baby.

But, he did say to go ahead and begin trying. We went over a future pregnancy plan that included me NOT being High Risk. O.o This doesn't make sense to me. I went full term with Dakota when she was stillborn. She gained her wings only hours before I delivered her. To me, I should be high risk.

He wants me to begin taking my prenatal vitamins. Which I already expected this. That's cool with me. Other than that, he didn't say much more.

When I do get pregnant, I won't be seeing him because he's having some health issues that require his attention. Therefore, he won't be practicing. So, in the meantime I am going to get a second opinion.

I'll still physically prepare for a pregnancy now. But I want a doctor who is going to be serious and believe me when I say I need something. I want the doctor to have the willpower to ensure that we do everything physically possible to bring our Rainbow Baby into the world...ALIVE!!!

I've talked to other angel parents and have been told that each pregnancy after their angel was considered high risk. So, I wont settle with a doctor who doesn't think my situation is serious. I want as many ultrasounds as possible throughout the future pregnancy. Especially as my due date closes in. I also don't want to come even close to being overdue. Dakota was a week over due. Therefore, I'd like the doctor to possibly induce me around 38-39 weeks providing the baby is healthy enough to be delivered then.

Angel Mommies... what was your Rainbow pregnancy like? Did the doctors do anything extra within that pregnancy compared to before your angel gained his/her wings? I need any and all advice I can get on this one.


  1. So sorry for your loss. I lost my baby at 20 weeks on July 31. I can not imagine going full term and having to go through that. How horrible. Did they do any blood tests after your loss? I had blood tests done and came back positive for APS and MTHFR both are clotting disorders. I just found out a few days ago that I am pregnant again with hopefully my rainbow baby. My regular OB referred me to a MFM and they started me on lovenox shots for my disorder yesterday. Im also on baby aspirin and Folgard which is a prescription strength folic acid with extra B vitamins. I hope you gets some answers. Find a high risk doctor and do some testing just to rule anything out.

    1. Yes they did blood tests in the hospital when she was born. They also did an autopsy. Everything came back fine. The autopsy results were inconclusive. So, there wasn't a reason why my daughter had passed. The labor and delivery went smoothly and there wasn't anything traumatic that happened physically. Only the emotional part was traumatic.

  2. I had the same reaction. I think the next time you see a doctor, you need to talk to them about your concerns. High risk should be one thing on your file that is a must for the next pregnancy. You went the entire pregnancy with a "healthy" baby and she was born without any complications. There was no answers for why our daughter gained her wings. I say always seek until you hear what you need to hear before we get pregnant. But if it happens before hand, we will walk that road together my love. Keep the Faith and all will be well.


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