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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Update for Month One on TTC

If you haven't been following my story, I'll give you a small update. In May of this year, my husband, family, and I lost the newest member of our family... Dakota Emily. My doctor requested that I wait around six months before we tried again or at least three cycles. Well, the three cycles sounded better to me and I hopped at the chance to see my doctor just two weeks after cycle number three.

So, for the month of November, we began trying. I downloaded a menstrual cycle app so I could keep tabs on my ovulation. I began taking prenatal pills to ensure that I have all the nutrients needed to get pregnant. I have cut back on the "bad" things in my life that contribute to making one get pregnant hard. (Soda, sugars, etc.)

I have my hope and faith in the Lord, and I know that when the time is right, he will provide. I'm trying to look at the positive with this new waiting game that I'm going to become very accustomed to. It's a little scary for me because from the support groups I am part of, some woman are having a hard time getting those special lines on that very important test.

I'm praying to God that things aren't hard for us and we become pregnant quickly. My husband and I already have names picked out for our Rainbow baby. (For those who don't know, a rainbow baby is the baby after a loss.)

My husband and I began trying at the beginning of this month. I knew the odds of us getting pregnant were slim because I had already ovulated. Therefore, my monthly visitor came yesterday. But I'm not feeling down about it. I feel hope because I know there's next time. It could happen.

~Until then.... take care and please keep us in your prayers~


  1. Praying for your family! So glad the Christ has brought women to connect with through our grief and TTC. Thanks for the follow, following you on GFC :)

  2. You are most definitely in my prayers!! Try not to get overwhelmed and caught up in trying. The harder you try and stress yourself out about it, the longer it will take! Just relax and enjoy the trying process...DO NOT STRESS ABOUT IT!! IT WILL HAPPEN, I HAVE FAITH AND I KNOW YOU DO TOO!!


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