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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Let Me Pray for YOU

The holidays are quickly approaching. You've probably already noticed stores putting out decorations and even playing holiday music. You probably see some of your friends who have put up their Christmas trees and are excited about the upcoming holidays. You may have noticed many people talking about holiday shopping. Social media and news outlets are jumping at the chance to share crafts for the upcoming holidays or deals that are quickly coming.

The excitement is already beginning.... for them.

As for me, it's not so much the same. I am not looking forward to the holidays. This year is quite different than normal. I am missing one that I love. I am grieving for one that I didn't get the chance to meet. I have a feeling that this is my new normal. I will always wish our Dakota was here to share these holidays and be part of our memories.

I know that I am not the only one who will be having a hard time coping with the holidays. 

Perhaps you're that person I am referring to. Or maybe it's a close family member. Maybe it's a dear friend of yours. 

Maybe the loss is because of cancer.
Perhaps it is because of stillbirth or miscarriage.
Or it could be from the loss of a job. 

The holiday season is hard and very emotional for many. 

No matter what your situation is....


If you would like me to pray for you, please leave a comment below with as little or as much as you would like about your situation. 

Then, tonight pick one person off of the list and pray for them too.

Just imagine what this world would be like if we all started to pray for each other? Wouldn't be amazing to see God's work everywhere this holiday season? 

I'll be sitting down at night in my quiet bedroom while I pray for each and every one of you who post below. God Bless and I pray that each person who doesn't comment will find it in their hearts to pray for someone who did comment. 


  1. Please pray for me. I am having a hard time with being bitter about everything. I had a loss recently and everything makes me mad. I dislike being like this. I want the strength to be able to change.

  2. Just for a safe and awesome holiday season for everyone. Strength and a warm heart for the seasons coming after our loss.

  3. Please pray for my uncle Jim he's really sick and in the hospital with c-dif which in normal people is bad but in his weak body it's worse. <3

  4. Please pray for my father who had his second stroke, he has been in the hospital since Saturday. The first was eight years ago and he recovered fully from the first one. He is only 61 years old and doesn't like to listen to people "hound" him to take better care of his diabetes and his cigarette smoking.

  5. Raebeth you are soo kind hearted. You really are an inspiration.. Im not the type to ask for things but this yr is also difficult for us. My husband and i are both disabled we live on a very small income and barely make it through month to month. Recently though the dr thinks i may have fibromyalsia.. Could you please pray that i dont have this disability on top of my many other issues.... My wish this christmas is that we are able to bring my best friend Mary to Canada from Africa so we can save her life. She lives in a horrible place we fear for her safety and i love her like a sister..
    Raebeth i will pray that you have sweet sweet dreams about your gorgous little angel baaby..

  6. Hi Raebeth,

    Please continue to keep all of my family, all the Filipino's abroad & in the Philippines and their families in your prayers. A lot of the Filipino people are still waiting to hear from their loved ones to see if they are all okay and safe. All of them are still waiting on the relief & emergency personnels to arrive with food, water, medicines and all the supplies that they need to survive. They need all the prayers that they can get to help them get through this very difficult time. Thank you Raebeth and God Bless You!! <3

  7. Raebeth you continue to amaze me.. There are many struggles i am facing right now but the biggest is realizing the fact that my dr thinks i have fibromyalsia. Could u please pray this isnt true i just cant bear another problem..
    Raebeth you are an inspiration to many inclueding me.

  8. Please pray for our families financial struggles. Thank u <3

  9. I would appreciate prayers for my up coming surgery on Nov. 25. Thank you <3 I will pray for others on the list too. <3

  10. My angel mommy friends Amanda and Jessica, My friend Britney who is due to have her baby anyday that everything goes well, and my friend Allison who is a mom but would rather go her own way and drink and such that she goes the path a mommy should,


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