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Friday, November 8, 2013

Excelling in the midst of her storm....

I am so proud of my daughter, Emma. This past week, she brought home her first report card. She's carrying high A's and her reading is great. She's a little book worm just like her mommy. I'm super impressed with her grades. This little girl has been through so much within the past five months, and for her to bring home this report card is amazing. 

The heartbreak of her sister's passing didn't stop her from excelling in her studies. If anything, she became more determined to make those good grades. I am one proud Momma. I know one day the Lord will bless her in a way she wont even realize it. I have faith that he has something in store for all of us. 

Another thing that had blown me away was the fact that she's been asking me for books for Christmas. She doesn't want anything else. Therefore, I think "Santa" may be bringing her a loaded Kindle for Christmas. 

What do you think of her grades?

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  1. I know I am one proud Daddy. She's done an awesome job. I agree our daughter has been through a lot and has come out like a shining star.


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