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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Day Two ~ Best Friends

DAY TWO: Best Friends

What do you think a best friend is?

Is it a person who you tell your deepest secrets to? Is it someone who makes you laugh when you are down? 

I haven't had just one best friend throughout the years of my life. I've had several. I'm not going to name them because I'd like to not place labels on just a few people, in particular. 

I've come to realize that God brings people into our lives at the most opportune moment. They tend to help us get through whatever it is we are to experience while they are with us. I'm so very grateful to these best friends of mine who have made such an impact on my life throughout the years. 

Can you think of one or maybe a few people within your life whom you'd refer to as your "bestie?"

I love the people whom God has placed within my life, especially at the times I needed them the most. Some have come and some have gone. Several are still with me. Others I wish we hadn't grown apart. 

Even though I may not talk to those whom I call my best friends on a daily basis, I do love them. Personally, I don't think I tell them enough. 

I've done thank you's within the acknowledgment sections of my books. I've done blog posts about loving those who are closest to me. 

So, today I plan on calling these besties of mine to tell them how much they really mean to me and that I love them. I'm not talking about a tweet or facebook message. I'm talking the old fashioned phone call. Where you actually pick up the phone, dial their number, and talk with your voice. 

Today I am going to challenge you to do the same. Call your bestie to, not only say I love you, but to let them know how grateful you really are that God brought them into your life. Let today be the day that you make sure they know just how special they really are to you.

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  1. I messaged my best friend and told her that she's amazing, and special, and loved she's been so busy <3


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