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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Day Eighteen: Pastor's Wife

Yesterday I talked to you about your Pastor. Today, I want to talk about your Pastor's wife. The Pastor's wife is usually in the shadow of the man who leads the church. Most of the time, she's very pleased with her husband and his Godly duties. I am sure there are days where she wishes she could have the "normal" life with her husband where their lives weren't constantly under the microscope. The Pastor's biggest supporter (besides God) is his wife.

Most of the time, we tend to focus on our Pastor. We must remember that the Pastor's wife is human too. They face challenges every day like we do. They are tempted to grow weary in the ministry. I am sure she struggles to find a balance within her life as the Pastor's wife sometimes too. 

Your Pastor's wife could use friendship, support, and prayer. Your prayer is essential to her overall well being. It's important to her spiritual and emotional health. 

As you accept today's challenge to pray for your pastor’s wife, let her know you are praying for her. Ask her if she has specific prayer requests. The following prayer guide with accompanying Scriptures offers some practical ways to pray for her.

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