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Friday, March 20, 2015

Day Twenty-One: Self Love

I found that it's really easy for me to show love to those around me. One thing that's come as a struggle is loving myself. I have found that one the good days when I feel great about myself, my entire day is amazing. I smile constantly. I joke around and laugh. I'm in an overall great mood.

On days that I don't feel so loved by me, I feel down and depressed.

It's stated that a person who has very little self-love often becomes depressed. They don't excel and push to their potential. Their more likely to submit to abusive relationships or situations.

I know that it's hard. But listen to me....

You are loved. You are special. Come on think about it. There isn't another person in this world like you. You are the only one who thinks and acts like you. You deserve to be loved by not only those around you but by yourself. Practicing self-love can be hard for many of us but honestly it's for our health.

Today I want you to practice a little bit of self-love. Start the day with telling yourself something really positive. Dress yourself in something that makes you feel great. If you normally don't, fix your hair and makeup ladies. Don't believe everything that crosses your mind about you. It's not true. During the day, celebrate the accomplishments you achieved. But most of all, I want you to take time out of this day for you. What will you do with your "me" time?

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