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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Day Twelve: Child of God


It's a confusing time for most.

It's the part of life where an individual tends to start learning who they are as a person and who they are in Christ. 

Sometimes we find the youth in this day confused and looking for guidance. Sometimes the outer look doesn't seem as if they're looking but their actions tell us this. All it takes is someone to open up and invite them in. 

I asked on one of my social media sites what others think of today's youth. The best response I recieved was

Eager to make a difference. Looking for something real. As a result of the technology teens have 1000 acquaintances but very few real meaningful relationships. They crave deeper, more real relationships. But it's difficult at times for them to balance developing deep relationships and finding their independence at the same time.

I completely agree with this.

So, for today's challenge, I am asking for you to remind someone in our youth that they are not alone and encourage them. Help give them a real that they can value. Perhaps even introduced them to Christ. Let your creativity go and run wild. If you come up with your own idea's, post them below. 

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